Pursuit of happiness

(When inmates take over the asylum.)

The farce that is US government continues, this time in Michigan where armed thugs stormed the statehouse, whining about the quarantine order designed to protect their worthless lives, while brandishing a vast array of firearms. The monumental lunacy of permitting the ill-educated, over-emotional rabble unrestricted access to firearms, including military-grade assault guns, was in clear demonstration, this past Friday, when government officials required armor and added security merely to perform their daily, mundane, public duties. It would be difficult to imagine witnessing such juvenile temper tantrums anywhere other than the West, especially in the mismanaged US where weak-kneed prostitutes “govern” via opinion polls. The license to act the fool, the Western humanists believe to be “freedom.”

Even when families were welded shut within their own apartments, the subjects of the CCP did not display such shameless hysterics as was witnessed on the Michigan statehouse for “quarantine” order that amounted to a few more weeks’ deprivation of shopping. The fools in the West consider themselves under “oppression” because they can not meet with their tailor. Imagine what convulsions these entitled buffoons will experience, when the state enforces rationing of necessary goods, due to the impending famine and supply-chain disruption. Fortunately, due to the weak-kneed response of the Michigan government, there were no casualties in this armed “protest” by the muck.

The Western penchant for nonresponse to periodic riotous tantrums of their peasant scum is a curiously effective policy of social control. At times, such wishy-washy governance leads to irreparable destruction of urban centers and economic prosperity, but for the most part, the peasant muck vent their impotent anger with minimal disruption for a day, return to their holes having accomplished nothing, and attend to their posts the next day. The fact that the muck were allowed to carry firearms made their pointless tantrums more volatile, a situation the US government would need to address, if only to avoid pointless bloodshed.

The problem with the muck running wild, of course, is not “tyrannical” governments, lack of “freedom,” or even economic meltdown; rather, it is the peasant compulsion towards restlessness. Without the frenetic economic activities, which has thus far, occupied the empty souls of the pitiful drones, the peasants are faced with the terrifying prospect of encountering their own barren thoughts and hollow ideals. The humanist West has cultivated agitation as some type of social virtue, with every ignorant fool nervously seeking information, activity, and novelty if only to escape the empty existence that is their lives. Even the term for economic activity, business, indicates that busy-ness is the highest form of sociocultural ethic in a capitalist society.

Yet, if this pandemic has demonstrated anything, it is that 99% of all busy-ness is useless and pointless activities people can do without. Those who aim to cultivate themselves and overcome their flaws have little to no need for the empty busy-ness of capitalist whores. If men can discover a better way fo life than restless activities, a well governed life becomes a possibility. For, it is only in mastering the fundamentals of inaction that purposeful action becomes possible. It is only in such a state that men will be truly rich, not in gold, but in the wealth that makes happiness. The happy life is that of excellence. Excellent life requires intentional exertion, which is not the capitalist restlessness towards amusement. Happiness is activity in accordance with excellence, and it is reasonable that greatest happiness lies in pursuing greatest excellence: wisdom. Unlike empty “freedom,” which can be bought with enough coin, wisdom is a quality most feared by the capitalist profiteers and the banking cartel; for a merchant cannot comprehend a thing that is priceless.