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RE: Perception of Morality

in #philosophy4 years ago

Again, love the powerful, meaningful thought provoking post:)

As I was reading this I can relate to family members of mine who don’t really have empathy in situations, who just directly relate someone else’s bad situation to themselves and don’t have any understanding towards them as they are not feeling the same thing. For example, if I’d had a hard time, and trying to speak about with with someone who just rolls their eyes and shuts off and gives mean advice, it would make things feel like it’s my fault why I would have been upset.

Having empathy and understanding for anyone’s person situation is a very important aspect of our personality. It’s great to speak to people about how we feel, and listen to advice, even if we may not take it, it’s great to see someone trying to help and showing love.

Also, as you said, admitting you are wrong and also seeing why and how you are wrong is a very important step to take for many people. It’s breaking free from the shackles of the mind that we have had falsely constructed through daily normal programming...

Thanks again, I love reading your posts and thinking :) peace!


Yeah, refusal to admit wrong keeps you shackled to falsity and perpetuating it. That's no honest way to live :/ You're welcome, thanks for the support and feedback.

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