What is knowledge

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 An example of knowledge of a self-perpetuating structure

We are all, at least by nature, a part of nature. What is necessary for our progress in life? In other words, is there a way to experience the self as being what it is without suffering? That is what the science of consciousness is all about. In other words, what is necessary for our self-transcendence cannot be discovered by chance by any means. There are different kinds of knowledge on earth—knowledge of a self, knowledge of reality. A scientific survey of this is necessary. One must ask ourselves a question, how can the self be the self that it is? A philosophical survey of this is absolutely necessary.

For example, all of the great sciences (as a matter of fact, one of them is knowledge) have been based on the understanding that one has the consciousness of Godhead (that is, of the world as existing from our very first moments). This understanding is necessary, and it cannot be realized without the self-transcendent knowledge of the self.

That is what is required to go beyond ignorance—knowledge through the experience of the experience of the self through experience.

How can we know that this knowledge of the self really exists? 

One thing we know for sure. The self is not something that can be measured.