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RE: Metaphysical Mycelium Mushroom Minds Of Planet Earth ... And The Space Time Continuum!

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Mate, I don't even know where to start!
Ironically if I'd taken shrooms tonight I probably wouldn't be doing this right now.......


I'm used to being blown away by your posts dude but this one takes the biscuit.
Nature is very symbiotic excluding the vast majority of humans IMO and your hypothesis of a mycelium Internet/consciousness makes sense.
With that being said would that effectively make it a kind of cloud based infinite consciousness containing every piece of information that has ever existed? Theoretically if I understand this correctly the mycelium mind has always and will always exist from the beginning of and to the end of time as long as there is life on Earth, right?
Could we tap into that information, is that what enlightenment is? Being able to tap into this infinite information source?
See what I mean mate? Mind fuck! 😂
You've probably just screwed up a shit load of vegetarians diets now too mate, I feel bad for cooking mushrooms earlier this evening now like I ate an intelligent being or something!
I'm gonna stop, great post dude.


Hey my friend, thank you for yet another typically brilliant comment .. it's very much appreciated!! It all comes down to the fungus dude!! lol Even lsd is a synthesised version of ergot which grows on rye grass. you're probably already aware of St David's fire but for those that have yet to hear; in the middle ages entire towns would consume said grass unaware that it was a litlle bit moldy/tainted. You would have the population of towns and cities going insane and thinking they were going to hell! I'm sure it's creeped into artwork and literature and thus our psyche .. Dante's inferno springs to mind.

Yes a mycelium brain containing infinite consciousness is a fascinating concept, equally perhaps a single cell contains exactly the same knowledge but is unable to express it. Cellular complexification begins a process that turns complex cells/brains into antenae that become individual expressions of said consciousness, perhaps in a nod to the creator we're unique in that we have choice.

I believe we can tap into the flow but I think it feeds into the subconscious and as such we express it (for the most part) without being aware , sci-fi is a great example and indeed many ideas become prophetic. Equally perhaps time simply exists in the minds of man and outside of perception everything that was, is and will be is hapening right now .. in the moment. Equally perhaps multiple dimensions of the moment are occuring simultaneously.

In a way as much a technology removes us from creation perhaps it's the biggest clue that we have in relation to an afterlife and a creator. In that with technology we tend to subconsciouly mimic every physical and metaphysical process occuring around us. So yes the cloud is a re-interpretation of the universal consciousness, except in only holds about 000.1% of the information. From this perspective cloud based A.I is our interretation of God lol So we kid ourselves that our tech is cutting edge .. when in effect even the soil under our feet is more high tech lol .. people create without every really pausing to think why, or indeed what they could be copying .. fascinating stuff! hanks again dude, now I sleep lol

We nailed this one in discord earlier mate, how many insane tangents did we go on 😂
Insane is the wrong word, interesting is better.
It's like I've said before mate, remove humans from this planet and it makes total sense, everything works in perfect synergy.
Modern Humans an invasive species IMO possibly due to genetic manipulation hypothesised by Zecharia Sitchin and followed up by Michael Tellinger. However I also believe if we assimilated properly we'd eventually evolve to be able to tap into the planetary conciousness at will as we would become part of it. We'd have the same instincts as animals do when they know when the weather will change or to run/fly away prior to a tsunami, earthquake or volcano kicking off. That and being able to access the data bank of everything that has and will ever happen.
Maybe we have already many times in the past and we're in a repeating cycle, nothing we do, invent, create is new just a re-run of time, those with the ability to tap in whether consciously or sub consciously downloading historical albeit futuristic to us in our time information that seems like invention.
You always get me travelling down the most fascinating roads of thought dude.
Gotta go mate, I've got work to pretend to do! 😂

Haha Yes my friend, some people put the world to rights .. I think we pretty much put the universe and the space-time continuum to rights in that conversation!! lol

Yes I can certainly see what you're saying, and you make some great and valid points in reference to Tellinger etc. Indeed it would certainly be very foolish to ignore that train of thought. Equally perhaps it's the entire foundation of our society and the asscociated monetary system that's akin to a disease upon the planet? A disease that spreads through the minds of man. Certainly when you look at the native Americans and indeed many of the other indigenous species on the planet they appear to have been in perfect harmony with their lands. It's my belief that an eye to the future and an ear to the wisdoms of that past is key to our survival as a species. Thanks again @tremendospercy

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