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Consciousness is the ultimate solution for any problem. Consciousness is simply awareness of things that are happening inside of us (our emotions, thoughts, motivations, wishes...) and things that are happening in outside world.  If we are aware of a problem, that knowledge will encourage us to do something about it. It is critically important to know the causal factors of the problem, without those factors we will not solve any problem. Often, people try to solve a problem by dealing with effects of the problem. It will not help us in the long run. It is like trying to change a TV channel by screaming at the screen.


Open yourself to reality

Through receptiveness to reality, we are opening ourselves to bigger sources of information from outside world and from within ourselves. This requires a certain amount of courage because we will often find things that are uncomfortable. Even if things are uncomfortable we mustn't fall into a trap of denial. Denial is the condition when people lie to themselves about the situation because if they acknowledge the situation, they know it will require a courage and responsibility to deal with it. 

Fear is a force that closes us, fear contracts our awareness. If we are in fear, our awareness of objects and happenings inside of us will be greatly reduced. When the fear is present within us, we will not learn anything. Fear is the main cause of unconsciousness and ignorance. We are not receptive to new information because it could shake our worldview. And it can be very harsh experience when you find out that you bought a lie. 


Is there a role for a knowledge?

Truth is one, but there are many interpretations of truth(perceptions). If our perception is in harmony with reality, we will feel more empowered to create a change and better our chance of fulfilling our desire. It is better to be conscious co-creator of our reality than to be a passive spectator who hopes for a bit of luck to see his desires fulfilled. 

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and responsibility is a thing that most people don't want in their lives. And we can see what responsibility is by breaking a word into two pieces: response-ability. It is our ability to respond. And that ability is proportional to our knowledge. Without knowledge, we will wander in confusion and hope for some miracle to happen. If we are working on something from a position of ignorance or negative knowledge (untruth) we will not get the expected result. And that will lead to crushing of our self-esteem and self-confidence.


Is the ignorance bliss, or something else?

Today, the common saying is that ignorance is a bliss. We can compare this to a common saying from ancient Kemet ( Egypt) which is that ignorance is evil. These ancients knew that ignorance is the source of the problems in the world and that we can eradicate ignorance only by knowledge. If we act from a position of ignorance, we will create chaos. And that is exactly what we see throughout the world. 

People need to understand that there is nothing positive in ignorance. Ignorance won't help us in anything. For example, if we know that storm is coming, we have an opportunity to shield ourselves against consequences. We can protect windows, we can hide our things from the storm, we can prepare food and medicine... When we are ignorant, we can be easily manipulated and that is exactly why the phrase "ignorance is bliss" is widely propagated. When we know the exact truth about a situation, there is no way we can be manipulated. 


Ignorance can be bliss, but only if you are ignorant of things that are not of any help to you.

Yeah, but that is almost impossible if you are doing any kind of research, there will always be distractions and a ton of misinformation.

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