The future of making money

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The future of making money

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I read a post by a someone who was a full-tme Steemer (Steemiter?...) and it got me thinking. My first thought was that it was a gigantic risk for someone to make posting on a crypto-based blogging platform his/her full-time job. The price of STEEM and SBD fluctuates daily, and Steemit is such a young project that I found it irresponsible to make this thing anything more than a hobby.

Life behind a screen

So I scoffed at the thought and went on with my day. But the thought didn't leave my mind, and I started thinking about all the bloggers, youtubers, twitchers and freelancers that make a living on the internet. Suddenly the thought of a full-time Steemer didn't seem so stupid or crazy anymore. These days, more and more people are making a huge amount of money via various creative projects on the internet. Even more: this might be only the beginning of what the future will bring. Technology is booming like never before, and the internet makes for a very convenient way to capture a broad audience.

With the birth of Steemit we aren't even talking about advertisement revenue anymore as a way to make money. Now, we can start making money by gathering a following and earning upvotes. Middlemen are gone from the equation, and that opens the door for a lot of new opportunities. Nowadays people can earn money through the internet in a more fairly distributed way. The money doesn't have to come from big advertisement bureaus that only share a percent to their biggest content producers. The money comes from the community, and goes to everyone who deserves it. Does that mean the distribution always will be fair and honest from now on? Of course not. Even on Steemit we're still struggling with distributing the pool to minnows with qualitative content. But this platform at least proves it's possible through for example various projects like OCD and Curie. There are still big players that are trying to abuse the system, but the system does work. We shouldn't always focus on the negatives.

So what if this is the future? What if, in a few decades, more and more people will be able to earn money through platforms like these? What if, thirty years from now, the majority of the people is earning money behind their screen? It's might be a ridiculous thought, but let's assume that the technology behind crypto's keeps advancing and therefore their price rising. Let's assume that more and more people start adopting the various projects that are in development right now. Would it still be a ludicrous idea to think that we will live in a whole different world thirty years from now? I don't think so.

Virtual reality

What if making money behind a screen becomes the new standard? How would it influence our social lives? It's something I'm thinking about a lot these days. Will virtual reality become our new reality? Will we live our lives behind a screen, or even better, behind our glasses that connect us to a virtual reality. Perhaps those glasses would allow me to step on a stage and recite this blogpost to all of you, who are watching me from the chairs of your homes,. I wouldn't have to type my blogposts anymore, I would simply narrate them to all 127 of you. You wouldn't have to upvote my content anymore, but you would simply clap and I would receive my digital currency of my choosing.

I'm not a very sci-fi minded kind of guy, but I love to philosophize about our future and the exciting and possibly samenwhat frightening times ahead of us. Technology keeps innovating at an unbelievable rate, and blockchain technology once again opened up countless of new possibilities to shape our future. How do you think the world will look like in thirty years? Would we like it?

As always: thanks for reading.
See you next time.

  • Tuwore

there was already a digital world linked to crypto, sec life with linden dollar, this was already in 2001. And just like real money is what the users give it ... greetings

The internet has opened up so many possibilities for people to earn a sizeable living online. Heck, you can learn about dropshipping and send products around the world from your local coffee shop. It really is remarkable!

The internet has truly made it possible to earn money - there are 1001 ways in which to do so, but all require a lot of time and dedication. There is no quick fix online income.

Let's say for now, I hope it is a real possibility, because due to circumstances I don't have high hopes any longer for someone to hire me for a job. But I can write and I can read ... so this possibility is certainly something I'm after to get an income myself. I've got nothing ... so all I can get out of steemit is more then I have now.