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RE: A Warning to Phishers / Hackers - We are taking it Seriously! - In Steemit [ ENG / IND / CN ]

in #phishing4 years ago

This is fantastic news, @bullionstackers. What you do is really important and much appreciative. Will be re-steeming this and sharing it in the #steemitbloggers and #teamsouthafrica discord channels


Credit must to @guiltyparties for forming it.
There are other too that constantly been working on it.

Thank you, yes, I saw that when I clicked through from my PC, so in addition to following you, and @guiltyparties, will now also start following @plentyofphish I will still be writing up my experience of being hacked and phished. Been a very busy patch, here with little time for writing indepth posts.

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