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RE: A Warning to Phishers / Hackers - We are taking it Seriously! - In Steemit [ ENG / IND / CN ]

in #phishing4 years ago

Quarantine is a perfect before they meet their final demise. These people are worse than a bad disease. Thanks so much for stopping the disease from spreading.


We will try to contain it.
The word slowing down is much appropriate.
Many Accounts are still in incubation, that's the problem.
When an account does shows sign of infectious , we need to contain them fast.
So far , I managed to tracked down and put two main Hackers Accounts away.

I feel safe here in the #whalepwer community and I am very proud, especially to @bullionstackers who have worked hard to save our pride team, and our account account, thanks my lord @bullionstackers .

Slowing down is better than nothing and I hate the fact that many are in incubation.
Way to go @bullionstackers! 2 Gold STARS**for HERO! : )
Keep up the great job you are doing and thanks for keeping all of us much safer! : )

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