Share Some Specifications Huawei Mate 20

in #phone3 years ago

Hello friends Aj ma ap ka sath Huawei Mate 20 ka kch Specifications share krna ja raha hon huawei mate 20 according to steve is jo display 6.3" inch ka ho ga or is ka elawa is ke ram 6 GB ram ho ge, or is ka processer carian ka 980 is ma ho ga jo ka sub sa alag ho ga
friends is ma enternal storange jo ka mobile ma apni memory hoti ha wo is ma 128 GB ho ge jo ka 1 both bari memory ha

Huawei ma ap ko 3 camera dekhno ko mila ga tripple camera hoga jo ka 20 MP(Mega Pixal) ho ga or doston is ma software android 9 pia jo ha wo is ma accept keya ja raha ha or is mobile ma battery 4200 MAH ho ge or is ke price 990$ ho ge jo ka ek both bari amount ha


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