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It down as well but if you just want to hold it down for a good minute or two should be nice and water sealed you have fresh seals all around the side if you're a little stressed about the water still you can put the t-7000 on there as well and that'll definitely seal it, okay guys, well I appreciate you guys watching the video that's pretty much it um please like and subscribe and more detailed videos are coming and like I said at the end of this video I am going to show you how to remove the battery and how to remove um the front camera if you need to and how to remove some other components here so I'm just going to show you the rest but if that's all you needed you got the whole thing as i did then you're set and you're good to go all right so we have it on the heater you put it on there for at least five minutes and that's going to help separate the adhesive okay now if you just need to do lcd repair you don't need to remove this battery okay if you need to do just lcd repair.

All you have to do is remove this bottom piece here and the uh and um you can actually leave the charge dock in here and i'm going to show you how to do the lcd repair so what we're going to do here is it's nice and warm like i just described okay it's actually kind of pulled down already i'm going to take our iflex tool now a lot of you ask every time i do this video videos why don't you just do glass repair well i see it for fifty dollars on ebay or amazon okay look if you have ten thousand dollars in equipment and have years of experience uh fixingphone parts then yeah you can get into separating glass but don't buy the glass only if you did ship it back it's pointless you don't need it okay so now we're just slicing into that adhesive here with our aria flex tool you can use the ice estimate tool too but iflex is typically easier to get under it but i needed a little bit more force and the iflex was not giving it to me so we're taking a nice assessment to it now okay so well this is perfect i'm glad it did this this is the glass okay this is the digitizer attached to the glass i do believe could be no that's polarizer excuse me the digitizer which is your touch screen and also your lc your oled is all glued to this panel.

Here and i don't know what oh okay looks like see there's a cable that went up and around over here and so that clips onto the top of the board that's probably your your digitizer uh no that's yeah yeah yeah this is your digitizer right here okay so you'd want to remove that and then this is your lcd cable that comes through okay and then there's your fingerprint sensor reader pretty cool but anyways so we got the digitizer and underneath the digitizers you got your oled panel here as well but i'm pretty sure that it is put as one and then you got a some kind of adhesive or something like that which it's really hard to remove but it could be your touch i'm not sure oh this could be a pin digitizer because i know the pin was working as well so anyways okay so what you would do is if you bought the lcd only is you're going to remove all this glue and it should come with a fresh blue adhesive let's say you bought really cheap and didn't come with lcd glue that's fine not a problem you're going to go ahead and put t 7000 every single spot and you're going to make sure that this entire frame is fully cleaned that is super critical if you don't fully clean it guess what happens well when you put a new screen on and it has a little