Shuhe Old Town束河古镇 & China Yunan Province

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The ancient town of shaohe, which is shaped like the peak of pile hill after the village, is known as the village under the peak, which means "village under the peak". It is one of the earliest settlements of naxi ancestors in the bazi of lijiang river, and is an important market town well-preserved on the tea-horse ancient road.
Shuhe famous sights
1、青龙桥 Tsing lung bridge
Built during the wanli period of the Ming dynasty, the qinglong bridge has a history of more than 400 years. To the west, it is the jubao mountain. The central axis of the qinglong bridge is opposite to the jubao mountain.It is 25 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters high, all of which are built by stones. It is listed as the most ancient stone bridge in lijiang river. It can be seen that the beam river occupies an important position in the economic and cultural pattern in the history of lijiang river.The green dragon bridge is mottled and old after hundreds of years of weathering, but without losing its heroism and solemnity.
2、四方街 Si fang street
The sifang street in the ancient city of shaohe is no more than 30 meters long and wide, with four roads leading in all directions.In ancient times, the four corners of the beam river street has a night market, people like today's city people stroll in the sifang street, follow one's inclinations stop-go, look at the strange, like to eat some things they want to participate in the games, night fair hands for fire, through the qinglong river, such as summer fireflies, became a scenery, known as "firefly" night market, included in the beam river is one of the eight sights.
3、龙潭 longtan
Under the mountains of longquan ancient trees towering, a good water into nine tripod longtan, the pool clear crystal clear water, water grass dance, fish free, yulong snow reflected in the mountains, qingzi proud of the bank, endless artistic conception, become a beam of eight views: snow reflected in the mountains.
许愿亭Make a wish pavilion
你可以把自己的愿望写在竹片上 挂在横梁上
You can write your wishes on a piece of bamboo and hang them on a beam
大水车The big water wheel

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