Natural Gift of Medicinal Plants

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Good energy // Purple Cariaquito

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot

This beautiful plant, is wrapped in a great mystery, as a child my dad used to make me crowns with the flowers of this bush while we played, he told me that it was to protect me and that the good energy of luck was with me. How wise are our old. Scientific name (Lantana trifolia) this shrub, is easy to grow, requires little water and gives away tiny flowers of all colors that are wonderful.

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot

Some of your Cariaquito (Lantana trifolia) benefits:

  • Can be used in bathrooms, to improve varicose veins
  • An infusion of its leaves, are used against influenza and bronchial diseases
  • Its leaves (tea) are used, to alleviate digestive problems
  • It can be used in water for cleaning the house, for its antiseptic power
  • Flowers infused, serve to regulate the discomforts of menstruation
    Important: you should avoid consuming the fruit of this plant, due to its negative effects.

Miraculous Plant // Zabila

Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot

When writing of this plant, I can not avoid remembering my grandparents and parents, who have given me many treasures through the plants. The aloe has the scientific name Aloe Vera is a plant that can be grown at home, very easily, requires sunlight and little water. It is formed by fleshy leaves that contain a gelatinous crystal. As a curious and very important fact, my dad told me that the aloe can make you younger, but when the plant is older. When I was a child I did not understand these words, but I currently understand that in order to obtain better benefits from the aloe vera plant, it is recommended to wait for more than 2 years of cultivation, so that its concentration has reached its potential over time and better benefits are obtained. of this wonderful plant.
Photography:@angelica7,Edition:@angelica7 (GIMP), Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot

The aloe, has been formed of my life since I have memory, and share some of its benefits of which I can attest, that are effective:
  • Frequent use of aloe crystal reduces wrinkles
  • Natural moisturizer
  • Depurative and detoxifying
  • Wonderful as a tonic for dogs' fur.
  • Healing
  • Regulates body sugar levels
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
    Among many multiple benefits, important for health.

If you want to learn about the wonderful benefits of other plants, check out my previous publications:


In nature we can find great blessings at your fingertips, medicinal plants are a great blessing, I invite you to cultivate the plant that you like most in your home and I assure you that you can enjoy great moments with its cultivation and production. Photography is already part of my life, it is as if I learned to look differently, everything seems to me more interesting and from each landscape, moment, situation or object I find looking beyond what can be seen at a glance, the truth It is a wonderful experience. Finally, I share a thought:

If a photograph steals a smile from you, then that is its value, the rich feeling it provokes.

I invite you to cheer up in the art of photography, in addition to share with me
What does the value of a photo mean to you?

As always I wait for your comments, to be able to share and get to know you a little more. We'll see each other soon, for the invisible friends who read me.
A photograph brings back memories that the mind can forget.
With all my affection: Angelica7

Twitter: @lmartinezmdl


I have Aloe vera plant at home, I use them for as hair gel. I think it make the hair healthy, shinning and stop dandruff. :)

That is one of the benefits of aloe vera. For dogs hair is also very good and leaves it soft. I also have aloe vera in my house, they grow very easily. Thanks for your comment.
Good energy.

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