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Have you ever tried a dish called "Peka"? I'm from Croatia and I grow up with the smell and taste of "Peka" prepared by my father. I want to share some photos of it with you.

1) Make a fire

2) Separate fire and charcoal

3) Place the meat and side dish (potatoes and vegetables) under cast iron bell and cover it with charcoal

4)Remove the cast iron bell and enjoy the magic

My mobile phone will take all the photo credit :)


Hey bud! I just had lunch.. then why I'm drooling on the keyboard?
p.s.: I'm Bananafish, a deity not from kriptonia 😜

Deity which also needs to eat? Than I'm a follower of the best deity ever!!

Sometimes being human is fun 😜

Ive been to Croatia several times but never heard about this dish haha (@matkodurko on Kryptonia)

@redeye looks tasty. I wish we had smellovision here.............

wow look s delicious thanks for sharing , done upvoted, commented, followed from kryptonia!

wooooo se ve excelente y deliciosa esa carne... buen post ;-) @juliaimrss kryptonia

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@sahinadm, from kryptonia.

Looks delicious, i like to know how people cook in different countries of the world. Kryptonia ID @mejia_martinez

i never heard about this reciepe. seems delicious.

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Looks good!... I almost can smell it!
I'm tupamalo in Kryptonia

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Great Post 😆

Nice post. Kryptonia @Yusuff

Kryptonia ID @miriam11. Se ve delicioso, y muy facil de preparar.

Wow thats nice work

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Looks pretty good.
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delicious. kryptonia ID @sanchezal95

it looks delicious!! Greetings from Kryptonia ID Mariale

Looks yummy. Kryptonia ID @chetachi26

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