Afternoon click in Northern Area of Pakistan

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Hello Friends!

I just love photography and want to learn more about it. I was on a tour to Northern Areas of Pakistan last summer. One my way back to home, i took this random shot from my Nikon D5300 (with 18-55 Kit Lens). The time was around 3:19 pm in the afternoon when i took this.



Looks lovely! I wish I could see those places.

There is nothing beautiful than nature


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Beautiful 😍

What a beautiful shot! Where in Pakistan is this? I'm a photographer in India. Check out my work!
The Festival of Colours - 2

I really admire your journey

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Nature provides beautiful shots always!

Do you hope so good? Your post has been very good.
It's a beautiful place to see. I do dew with God,
You can post better than that, we are following your rules, and you have been Upvote.

Thank you so much sir. Stay Blessed