I'm ok.
How are you?

I planned to write something. But I do not speak English. And the content through the translator is very incomprehensible to many users.

The translator built into the browser helps me to read and respond to comments. But for great content, it's terrible.

I don’t see any point in writing content in Russian. Few people try to translate to their language in the browser.

Maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps worth a try.

I can completely understand your point. That would frustate me too.
My suggestion was only light and friendly so that maybe we can get more upvotes.
Im curious, are there many Steem users in Russia?

Yes. In Russia there are users steem. And it seems to me that they are gradually added. In Russia, there is an analogue steem. It is called Golos. Wash it just fork steemit. I do not see anything good in him so I am here.

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