Finally - my new Steemit Profilphoto is finished!

in #photo4 years ago

The photo was made a few weeks ago with my girlfriend BL4CK M4MB4.
Finally I had some time to do the photoshop optimization.

  • Head has been angled 100% vertical
  • Background was cut out
  • New background was filled in
  • "Magic Grandmaster shine" has been activated
  • Head- and Bodysides Balance-Optimization
  • Eyes were optimized
  • More psychedelic saturation

Here are the Original and the photoshoped Version:

Mit Maske verschränkt original für WEB.jpg

Nitemare Profilfoto verschränkt V03.jpg

And now on your knees and praise Grandmaster Nitemare! ;-)

Of course I can also optimize your photos when you send me some Steem (or other cryptos)! Just write me a comment!

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