Where do you did take a picture...??

Very nice photo @novina

have fun on your boat trip

Beautiful ... enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

No doubt, @novina is expert in photographing

Wow, nice @novina

Amazing factory Because near beach

Nyan ka ku pateh

Hahahha...that palis jih, peu yang na lajujitakat, bang lem yg bereh, man dua jitakat, hahaha

Nice green lake for fishing.. ^^

And so amazing photo

Yes where i live i never saw a green lake before. TnT
Hope all would enjoy a landscape like this.. ^^,

Thats a Very old factory. Wonder what they made inside, do you know?

Sardine factory.

That bereh @novina, katamah keuh bacut beh

Thats really old;) Not in use anymore I guess?

nice lake with the boats, i wish I could make a trip there :)

I LOVE @novina


Old factory, is it still usable @novina ... ??
Where did you take the picture .. ??

Wow so beautiful place like it

Awesome photo.I am voting and following you.Please check my post.

Thats nice. i am voting you

Incredible shot
Beautiful calm water

Very nature where it is ?

Nice post, beautiful

This place is beautiful <3

That's a nice shot !!

one of the best photos seen today on steemit.

Very good post. I remember the past when I was on Sabang Island when I saw your submission. If you go to Indonesia do not forget to come to Sabang, because there the place is very awesome tour too.

pada pada..jesi vidio beda,a? :(

Nice old factory

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