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Nice view of the snow covered mountains at Lake Tahoe in California.
Tahoe Mountains.jpg


If you want to promote your post with upvote Bots, that's fine.
But, what I really don't get it is - why placing such high UNPROFITABLE bid by which you didn't screw only yourself but as well all the other bidders in that bidding round.

In other words, you've placed a bid on the bot that even if you were the only bidder with its maximum vote power at 100% can't provide a bigger vote than $22.56 what would be $16.92 paid out at the end (at post payment due time) because of 25% curation fee deduction. And all of it, only if you are the only bidder in particular bidding round.

In this concrete case, you've placed 20 SBD bid and received (from boomerang) $19.34 vote. From that 25% curation fee ($4.835) is going to be deducted. Meaning, in the end (from that boomerang's vote), you would receive $14.505 which amount is going to be paid approximately as follows - 14.220 in Steem Power and 7.250 in SBD.

So, however, you calculate it around you would end up with losing from a minimum of $5.495 ($20 - $14.505) up to $7.295 (because at the current rate of 1 SBD = $1.09, your investment was $21.80 (20 x 1.09) what means $21.8 - $14.505 = $7.295) and if the rates of Steem and SBD in the meantime lower down even more.

Therefore, and even if you don't bloody care about any other member and bidder, I really don't know what was your profitability calculation and where do you see any profit for yourself (in the first place) from such action???!!!

So, if you are not that filthy rich to throw into the toilet $5, $7, or even more every few days just like that, and if you are not absolutely careless about other members and bidders on the platform, I can only hope that you didn't know about all the above described and how this is functioning, same as that all bidding bots have different rules, limits or (like boomerang) NO losing limit in case of overbids.

I have used bots correctly in the past, but this time I made a mistake. I know better that this because I have been screwed in the past when someone else bid too much using a bot.

Thank you very much for your reply! I'm sorry that you made a mistake as for your loss, same for mine and the rest of us who were in that bidding "pot" together (this time).

But despite that, I must say that your reply and explanation was a relief to read for me, especially when you said that you've experienced the same in the past, so I know - you know the feeling.

Those bots that don't have either minimum and/or maximum limit might be profitable for all participants if used wisely, but they can also turn on the entirely opposite side and become a losing disaster.

The other problem is that there is no turn back. Meaning, if you send a wrong bid and realize that afterward, there isn't any possibility to cancel and pull it back. Of course, bot owners don't care about it as it just enlarges their profit. They are probably just laughing when we make a mistake or when some high bidding fool who doesn't know how to use bots comes around.

Never the less, once again, thank you for your reply and clarification! Although it wouldn't compensate for my loss, it makes me feel much better!

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This is great to feed the eyes, so nice

what a view :D There is soo much snow still leaft.. woow

Ice and white cloud combination looks great. Is not it?

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