The character of monkeys at the Osun Osogbo shrine

in #photolast year

During my visit to Osun Osogbo shrine, the character of monkeys at the shrine area and monkeys are friendly playing with human being, and if you have anything in which they can eat such as: sweat, casaval, banana, and all other things which can be used to feed them, they will not exhitate to approach vehicle, motor cycle and any other person that holding all these items in order to get feed.

colour: brown and white
Even if you have anything in your hands that can attract them, they will approach you and play with you. They are just like domestic animals because no one dear to kill them, and they have been there for years and it is part of what makes many people visit the area because the site is unique in nature.


This is little about the characters of monkeys at the Osun Osogbo shrine, it will be my pleasure if my friends across the globe encourage me to do more on this, your kindness, support, and your love for me will be highly appreciated.
Thank you for your time and efforts for reading my blog.

Yours faithfully,

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