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From Today we are travelling to hintus valley which is situated 2300 above the sea level..
It is a very exciting tour as we have fixed our budget to $300. So we need to make a tight travel. I am going to explore details about the trip from the Day 1.
We are in bike with 7 people including me.

I won't introduce them as the blog will be very long for you to read it. We have got 4 bikes and is ready to travel.. We are heading 80 km south east from birtamod. Trust me it is very cold due to weather conditions.

Please do not drink and drive.. We were not drinking to much as we are just taking rest and drinking some drinks. The taste of tumba and old durbar with chilled Coke is always my favourite.

Haven't seen such the beautiful decore with all natural things.... The hukka is very small for us so be brought a gaigentic hukka..

Waking inside the forest with tall trees and getting fear of wild animals is always there in my heart but as you can see I am smiling.. Smiling because I am happy.

As you all can see how forest look like from inside.. It is really hard to move due to wild animals fear.

Finally I have reached my destination to beautiful village of valley of people..
Hope u like my post..
Follow me for my next day trip of treaking..
Upvote me so I could reach each and every one of you...

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Congratulations @webik , this post has been upvoted and resteemed by @minnowsupporter . Keep Steeming , Keep supporting @minnowsupporter

Thank you for resteming my post... I will definitely support @minnowsupporter

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Exciting. I always wanted to travel to a place like this with my friends

You can come to Nepal... I will welcome u my friend.. For free stay

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Great pictures! Looks like you had fun. keep it up

Yes a quite bit fun.... Thank you for appreciating my post.

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Thanks alot for the safety tips. We stay safe, we stay healthy. Thanks ones again for this great post.

You can be in my fb group. Send me ur fb id link I will add you..

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My fb username is ECHE BOSS.
Here is my Facebook ID Link Thanks for the opportunity.

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