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I saw the photo challenge for this past week and have been meaning to post about it! I have three cats right now (China Cat, Casey, and Django), and I absolutely love taking pictures of them. I have plenty of pictures that I would love to share (and may share in the future), but I tried to narrow it down for this post. I already used a picture of Casey and Django in my Introduction so I’ll use different ones for this post. Without further ado, here are pictures (and descriptions) of my cats.

China Cat

China Cat is the oldest. Her full name is China Cat Sunflower (after the Grateful Dead song). She is 16 years old! Depending on the lighting, she can appear black or dark brown, and she has some stripes. She is rather petite, only about 7 or 8 pounds. She likes sleeping in a bucket (in which my mom had put towels), on the cable box, and anywhere in the sun. She loves to give headbutts and rub up against you (especially when you sit on the floor with her).

China Cat lounging on my parents’ bed.


Casey is 7 years old (turning 8 later this year). He is grey with stripes and spots. He is a very large cat (about 17 or 18 pounds). My dad likes to say it’s all muscle, and, while he is strong, he also likes to eat a lot… (for a story about his eating habits, check out this discussion post). He loves attention. Whenever we have guests over, he has to be in the middle of the action. We adopted him after seeing a flyer at a camp that I was attending. He was a stray kitten that someone had found. We adopted him within a week. He used to actually be very tiny, but he certainly grew up! He likes to watch birds, play fetch, play with Django, and sleep. He can be a little aggressive, especially if he’s very hungry or if he doesn’t want to be picked up (which is most of the time). My dad taught him a trick using operant conditioning (rewarding with a treat) which is essentially “shake” (my dad says “paw”).

I really don’t know how that’s comfortable…
Casey napping in a sink.
Casey napping with me.


Django is the youngest. He is 7 years old. He is a mix of white and orange. He’s smaller than Casey but still loves to tussle! We adopted him from an adoption center at a local PetSmart (a place where I began to volunteer after adopting) because Casey needed a friend to play with that was close in age (he had been a bit of a menace to China Cat and my other cat Sugaree). Django is a total sweetheart! We like to say that he’s like a bunny because he has very soft fur, he looks like he bounces around, and he eats very deliberately. He’s a bit of a nervous Nelly. He will usually hide when we have guests over, and he spooks rather easily. Django is a good cat lap, he likes laser pointers, and he likes boxes (and tubes).

Django napping on my lap.
Django poking his head through a tube.

Django in our artificial Christmas tree.

Django and Casey sleeping on my blanket.

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