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Do you guys ever feel drained out of life? I do. Some have this nature and at times others just fall sad for no reason.I wonder how kids always wander about as if they are untouched by any of such emotion.
I guess it is in their very nature , they are stubborn nobody tells them to be what but as time passes that nature fades.

This may not sound that rhetorical but I guess they have a spark in their soul which is an amalgamation of different emotions that helps them just be themselves regardless of anything out there.

I bet this is very hard to instill when we grow up but there is always a way.Personally I find it hard to unclutch the control of dismay but I just try to keep my back strong thats all.

I guess you guys must also be having some way to tackle the situation let me know in the comments what you guys got.

Until then keep steeming keep chilling!


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