Photocircle Top 10 Contributors 46th edition: "Amazing Vehicles"

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Hello Contributors!

Welcome to the 46th edition of the Photocircle Top 10 Contributors for the category ”Amazing Vehicles”, a contest that feature ten (10) outstanding photographers that contributed their photos to the #photocircle tag.

This has to be one of the most exciting category for this contest, it can be any type of transportation for people. It could be by air, land, and even sea. One of the examples are airplane, boat, bus, car, motorcycle, bicycle, and even the traditional versions of those that are mentioned.

To begin, let me invite everyone to welcome the Top 10 Contributors for today!


Please visit the post entitled "Photography 09 | Play of Lights" by @iammegankylie

”A creative display of the ride’s action.”

The artistic appeal of the photo land itself to the top spot for the vehicle photography category.



Please visit the post entitled "Out in Levelland" by @coloneljethro


Please visit the post entitled "Old wagon" by @jramirezviera


Please visit the post entitled "Reflections" by @rimicane


Please visit the post entitled "It's all about the bike" by @sina-adventure


Please visit the post entitled "«Parasailing»" by @alexanderfluke


Please visit the post entitled "Graffiti wars... the tag on the move!" by @vinceboisgard


Please visit the post entitled "7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #34 -'Dusk Decsends Over Bribie Island.'" by @trudeehunter


Please visit the post entitled "Wait for Me" by @rwedegis


Please visit the post entitled "All eyes on me" by @zirochka


That sums up the Photocircle Top 10 Contributors 46th edition for the category ”Amazing Vehicles”. To reiterate, I encourage everyone to visit the posts of the featured authors and show them your support.

Learn about the latest update on the Photocircle rewards by reading this post Photocircle Project Update: "Top 10 Contributors reward revamp!"

On each category, the reward pool will be raised from 2sbd to 5sbd!

  • Top 1 image will be rewarded with 2sbd!
  • Top 9 images will be rewarded with an equal share to the remaining 3sbd, each of the top 9 contributors will be receiving an amount of 0.33sbd!

Each author that is featured on this post will be garnering one (1) Photocircle Top 10 Badge, all accumulated badges will be counted on the 2nd of June 2018 (Saturday) and the author with the most Top 10 badges will win the first (1st) Photocircle Hall of Fame Badge!

Stay tuned for the next edition!

With appreciation,
Photocircle team

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To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.


Great photos. Very good choice.
Congratulations to the authors.
My favorite: @rimicane.
Best wishes.

Thanks a lot for your support :) Cheers!

@photocircle, nice photos! Wow....those are pretty awesome photoshoots! Thanks for sorting out the photos and showcasing the winners. Congrats to all above who got selected. Upvote this post to support

There's so much amazing work here in Steemit that we want feature as much as we want, we get to make a hard decision to select only 10. Anyway, we're glad that you enjoy this set. Thanks for the support :)

This is amazing! thanks again!♥

You did awesome presentation to it, congrats! :)

Many thanks for the kind feature in this 46th edition @photocircle. I am truly honoured. Congratulations to all other winners.

It's our pleasure, thanks a lot for sharing it to #photocircle. We are delighted to feature it in this category. Cheers!

Thank you a lot, @photocircle! It is a honor!

It's our pleasure to curate for your photo and your post is a good read as well. Keep it up!

dang.. i missed the boat on this one

There will be another chance for next week :) Feel free to join.

i am trying to be more active. it's easy for things to slip through my cracks but i intend on being there. i did enter the places to remember. hopefully i did it right

Thank you @photocircle. Always is an honour to be in this list

Your photo is unique and so it deserve a spot in this category. Cheers!

Thank you @photocircle. Always is an honour to be in this list

Thank you for selecting my photo!

It's a great pleasure to do so, congrats to your amazing photo :)

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