Subdued or full color

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Subdued or full color

For this post I thought I would share a couple of recent photos I took, looking over the Duck Pond near City here is downtown Milford CT, One in color and one in Mono, well not strictly mono, I just subdued the colors for the most part.
They are two different shots from different angles, I do like both of these and not sure which I prefer, so...

Please do let me know which one you prefer.

1 B&W or color-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 16mm F8 1/200 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

This is the subdued semi Mono one.
I took these shots about a week or so ago when I decided it had warmed up to about freezing point and I needed to get out and get some shots so I went for a walk around as I was going nuts not taking photos, and I knew after my little procedure on Friday Last week I would have to be sensible and take it easy and not be carrying my camera for at least a week to let the stitches heal, and I have been good with that not even carrying my camera into the city with me and I must say it has been so frustrating we have had such nice weather this week with the temperature even hitting 60 today.
Now I have been tempted to try and convince myself the healing is going well and I could load up my camera and lenses into my camera bag for tomorrow, but I will try and remain sensible for the rest of this week, but sensible and me often don't play together well, so lets see :)

Maybe I could do a vote to help me decide what to do, say YES in the comments if I should load my camera into my work bag, and say NO if you feel no way I should leave my camera alone at home :)

1 B&W or color.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/80 Sec ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And it goes without saying this is the color version, so I really wasted my time saying it I guess.

I do like the blue skies and warm tones in this shot and the Church stands out more on this shot I think, but after I edited this one, I felt like doing the first version, and as I said I am not quite which one I prefer.

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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Both are simply beautiful...the mono color leaves more to the imagination though perhaps? As for leaving the bag or taking with? I would hate to have a setback....I know you are anxious but please take it easy @tattoodjay!

Thanks for your feedback, I just changed the dressing, well my Wife did its on my back so I cannot see it, and she vetoed any idea of putting things back into my work bag, she says its looking better but was adamant it needs a few more days before I can stop taking it easy :)

I really like the top one. I have always had more of an affinity for black and white and monotones though. Just because of working in the dark room with my dad when I was a kid. Very nice photos!

Thanks for your feedback and that first one seems to be liked by most, I remember spending some time in the Dark Room with an Uncle of mine, thats where i first got the passion for photography, and thinking about it. They were mostly B&W that we did back then

It's the smells I remember the most of all the chemicals :)

Ohh yeah I remember that as well, I guess nowadays those chemicals will come with all kinds of warnings on them

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Leave the camera alone for God’s sake! Those nice shots will still be there when you’re fully recovered. You can take pics around your house for now. As far as the two photos, I always love colors, but in this case, I prefer the first photo. My 2 cents. 😉

Thanks for your feedback I am leaning more to the Mono one for now. as for the camera, my Wife just changed the dressing and vetoed any idea of taking my camera, she said its healing good but needs more time taking it easy, plus the forecast is for cooler and possibly rain tomorrow so it is easy to be sensible :)

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They are both great pictures. If I was going to do a Currier and Ives type calendar I would pick the first one. It reminds me of a 20's style photo.

Thanks for your feedback that one seems to be the more popular so far ;)

They are both really nice, and totally different. I might go with the wintry feel of the first one!

Thanks for your feedback that seems to be the most popular and maybe I thought the same without knowing it since i put it first ;)

Might sound weird. But I would prefer the subdued one in a book and the full color one as a photo hanging on the wall. Also, the position of the ducks in the pond really strengthens the full color photo's composition (imo).

As for leaving the camera at home. Let your gut decide when you walk out the door 😊.

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No it doesn't sound weird at all I do totally understand what you mean and appreciate your feedback
And thats a good point, I may leave it to the morning and see how its feeling when I get up and check the forecast and then decide :)

Something in between ...


Yes I get that idea that makes sense ;)

I think the camera would get lonely and miss you so you have to bring it with!

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Thats my thinking, I wonder if my wife will believe the I put it to a vote and so far 100% say I should be taking my camera to work logic, and why does she have to know you may ask, the camera is in the lounge right in her view lOL

They both are great looking but there’s something about the one with the subdued colors that is quite striking. My eye keeps going back to that one. Great captures & Steem on!

Thanks for your feedback I truly appreciate it

I like the first one. real wintry feel. as for the camera... lol I feel my role as a stupid old guy, is to advice other stupid old guys not to do stupid things anymore. So just take it easy ha ha

The subdued one seems to be the most popular
Shocking as it will be to anyone that knows me I was sensible and left the camera at home this morning the wound is still weeping a little according to my wife when she changed the dressing last night now can I be sure it was or does she know me well enough to know I’d she said it was fine. I would stop taking it easy LOL 😂
Plus the forecast is for a little cooler with clouds and rain today so the temptation to take it was lessened anyways
Thanks for your advice if a fellow stupid old guy says take it easy I should listen 😎

Normally I go for something with brighter colours, but in this case I like the more subdued one. There's just something about it (to use a technical term, lol!)

That’s my kind of technical term thanks fir the feedback 👍😎

I liked the first variant in muted tones. Nice shot. He looks like a picture of the artist is much more than a photograph. It reminds me of a picture in a very interesting technique. You can't stay without a camera :) I can't even imagine it.

Thanks for your feedback the first one seems ot be the most popular, and I do edit many of my shots in a painterly style :)

the forecast was for cooler and some rain today so I decided to go for one more day without my camera :)

Grab that mofo, can't miss the nice shots!

LOl I do like the way you think :)

You are right JJ, very difficult to pick, as one moment I lean towards the first and next moment I lean towards the second shot, Let me just say that both are beautiful! Blessings!

Thanks Kindly my friend, Thats how I felt also but it seems the majority of those who have commented preferred the MOno version which I find quite interesting

Years ago in my research days, I read something about the appeal of color and it's absence to humans and I know that it has something to do with the perceptions of the left and the right brain, but I can't quite remember what it was.

Thats sounds quite intriguing i must look into that

I think, both are nice but first photo is unique and all time acceptable.

Thnks for your feedback the first seems ot be the most popular

I'm torn... I like them both, but somehow... I think that I would like them better if the images weren't quite so sharp! The black and white one reminds me of old photographs, and the colour one reminds me of a painting... however, the sharpness of the lines defeats the illusion!

Thanks that’s such interesting feedback I do understand what your saying and it is such a good point and something I can work on with future photos

Cheers !tip

Wow... thanks for the bonus!

MOst welcome my friend have a great weekend

Wow, thanks for the bonus!

MOst welcome :)

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I like the colored one better. Black and white photos always remind me of death for some reason :D The world is full of color, why destroy it on purpose? :D Yeah, yeah, I know, it is artistic, fine... Well, to be honest, I did see a couple of pretty good portraits in black and white that I liked but all of them had a bit of smoke in them too.

I used to feel the same and always went with color photos but on here with some of the challenges I have found I am doing the odd mini image now and no longer seen them all as dark
Thanks for your feedback

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