Photocollagecontest #3 + Winners photocollagecontest #2

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Last week's winners

Another week has past and I received a couple of lovely collages with the theme food. I asked last week's winner @psionic-tremors to pick a winner and I also picked a winner myself.

Without further ado, here are the winners of photocollagecontest #2 :



Congratulations to both winners! You will both receive 1 SBD prizemoney shortly.

Photocollagecontest #3 : New theme!

Time for everybody to get creative! Let's see those collages roll in people. Everyone can do this😀.

This week's theme will be :



(This collage was made with the InCollage-app on my Samsung Galaxy S8, all photo's are original work by myself)

Rules to enter the contest

(Read this part carefully please!)

  1. Upvote this post.
  2. Create a post with a photocollage in it. The title of your post must contain: Photocollagecontest #3
  3. Use the tag #photocollagecontest as one of the tags for your post
  4. Put a link to your post in the comments down below, this helps me a lot in keeping track of the competition.
  5. Only one entry per person.
  6. Your entry must be submitted before the end of the next Saturday.

This week's prizes

No contest is complete without prizes. From this week's entries I will pick one winner myself. I also hope that last week's winner @claudiaz will be this week's guest-judge, so she can pick a winner as well.

Both winners will receive 1 SBD!

Looking for sponsors for this contest

I would love to hand out more prize-money, but I'm a far way from being a whale. So if any of you want to support this contest by donating some SBD towards the prize-pool, please let me know in the comments.

If you can't make a donation, you can also support this contest by resteeming this post.

Start sending in those collages! In 3.....2.....1.....GO! 😀



Lid worden van de gezelligste Nederlandse Steemit community?



Nice colourful collage @ninahaskin. Welcome to the competition!

Thank you! Happy to be here😊

A gorgeous array of Nature's gems @ninahaskin Good luck with the contest my friend.

Very nice @jayclar30 ! Thanks for your entry!

Thank you, I'm new to this contest, great idea! I think this is going to be a lot of fun : )

Love your superb collage @jayclar It is very classy! And I like the fact that you have featured fungi in your entry. Good luck!

Oh thank you @trudeehunter, that's very kind of you to say. Nature is so broad so I thought I'd focus on just one part of nature and something a little different : ) Fungi can be so beautiful and often over looked so I think it worked perfectly : )

It certainly did work our perfectly @jayclar Your photography and layout is superb.

Oh thank you, you're too kind!! : )

Thank you SO much, how exciting!! :D
I love this idea, I think it's fabulous! You're going to become very busy I thinks : )

Hey here's the link to my entry for the Photocollagecontest #3 Nature.. Thanks for holding these fun contests...

& Congratulations to all last weeks winners...

Welcome to the contest @ladylens! May the best collage win!

Thank you @marcovanhassel for accepting my entry.... Glad to be a part of the contest... Good luck to all those judging, their going to need it, i've seen other entries & its going to be difficult to pick the winner....


Thank you for your entry. Please follow all the rules if you want a chance to win 😉

Haha sorry thought upvote went through upvoted now. And tags is ok. I really do want to participate let me know if there is still missing

Supermooie collage weer @hetty-rowan. Tof dat je weer mee doet 👍🏼

📢Congratulations to the winners!! 😃

Good to see you competing again😀. Nice colours in this collage!

thanks a lot!

thank you so much for picking my collage, I really appreciate it!


You're very most welcome!! : )
I love how pics you've put in.

Just woke up and this is the first thing I see on my phone 😊. You made my day! Welcome to the competition @trudeehunter.

And now you have made my day @marcovanhassel after receiving such a lovely comment. I’m very happy to have found this competition 🌺

Thanks so much for this wonderful honour @marcovanhassel I'm looking forward to partaking in the next one. Have a great week.

Hi. This is my entry to Photocollagecontest #3. If I may add, this is a great idea. Had a lot of fun composing my collage.

Thanks @roxy-cat! I started this contest to have some fun! Welcome to the competition😊

Thank you for the heads up. I totally agree with your choice (I had my money on the mushrooms one 🙂).
Upvoted the post, now I'm trying to think blue.

Ik doe mee 🤗

Top! Ik ben benieuwd 😁

Congratulations to the winners @claudiaz and @wakeupkitty!
So we have nature as the next challenge ... I'm sure we will see some nice collages :)
P.S.: my VP is down to 78% already - hopefully it's still worth a cent :)

Wow thank you very much! I already forgot about the contest and now even winning :)

lovely post & nice pix

I would love to help you choose the next winner! does that mean I cant enter? we will just have to ignore my entry then! lol

You can still enter and you could still win if I pick your collage 😉. Thanks for being this week's guest judge! I would appreciate it if you let me know who you pick by Saturday.

oh - if had known this i would have shot my food before eating it ;) - i thought i cannot participate as a judge - @claudiaz did it right : just ask :))

haha- now you know for next time!

ok I will do that

Soooooo........who is a winner according to you?

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Congratulations to the winners @claudiaz and @wakeupkitty ! I didn't have too much food pictures to join that I found good enough, but nature will be a lot easier I guess.. So I will try to join this week.. resteemed for now ;)

Thanks @anouk.nox! Looking forward to that collage 😉

I'm not a winner this time 😉 - i was the guest judge - the winners are @wakeupkitty and @claudiaz🙂

oeps.. read it the other way around :)

Congratiulations to the winners! And a really nice theme for this week!

Thanks I think the example given is a great one