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RE: Photographing the Solar Eclipse and the International Space Station

in #photofeed4 years ago

When I got back to my car a couple hours later and got service and saw your photo, I was like, "well, I guess I won't even bother posting mine, Derek wins!" Nevermind I still had a 5 hour drive ahead of me before I could get to my computer.
It was definitely one of the most incredible thing I've experienced.


Not just a 5 hour drive, but five hours through all that crazy traffic, right? ;) But don't make me feel bad! I remember your comment when I first posted that. :p Looking back I'm shocked I was able to edit and post that one so quick.

Actually, we had absolutely no traffic because we came from Central Idaho rather than Idaho Falls like the rest of Utah.

I know, I was thinking of that video you posted. :P

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