Photo Fun Contest - Week 12 – “Funky Hair and Painted Faces”

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I can't believe we are already into Week 12 of these contests and still going strong! With 11 successful weeks and contests behind us, I think we are all ready to move onto the next fun challenge. So invite your friends and spread the word and let's make this the one with the largest amount of entries yet!

This week’s theme is called “Funky Hair and Painted Faces”

I believe this title speaks for itself. We have all been to Halloween Parties, Costume Parties, Carnival or other Parades or seen that person with an unusual hairstyle walk down the road. So this should not be too difficult for anyone, and if you don’t have any photos, why not do a quick makeover on your best friend and see how creative you can be!

Here are some images to stir up some inspiration and creativity!

Funky hair & makeup.jpg
(images from Pixabay)

This is your contest, so as always you decide how you would like to interpret this title
Let’s see how creative we can be!

Please remember the photo must be your own, otherwise, you will be disqualified

How to participate:

Multiple entries per person are allowed
The photo must be your own
Use #funkycontest as a tag
Please stick to the subject matter
Attach a copy of the post in the comments of this post
In your post title please mention the theme of the week
Please upvote this post in order to partake in the competition.

The Prizes

There is 5steem in prize money to be won
The overall winner will get 1 Steem
The balance will be distributed evenly
Prizes will be distributed after the 7 day period.

The Rules of the Contest

And please don’t forget to upvote and resteem (optional) this post.

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what fun thank you for participating

It was, thank you, I wouldn't miss it!! :D

Amazing shots! Love the vivid colors and expressive eyes.

Oh thank you!!! : )
She had so much fun and was covered in SO much colour, I really just wanted to keep a great memory from the event. I loved all the colour stuck to her eye lashes too : ) Thanks for your kind words!!

Hi @claudiaz, here is my second entry to the contest:

Hairstyle, makeup and dress to go for a walk

Thank you for creating this contest!

you are most welcome, love the photo

Espectacular mente cómico.... Me hubiese gustado verlo personalmente jajaja

Siiii... ja ja ja!

Hi @claudiaz, here is my first entry to the contest:

Make-up for the contest but without hair

Thank you @claudiaz for creating this contest… I like very much!

thanks for the entry Maria

Hi @claudiaz, here is my first entry to the contest:
The Clown Doctors

Thank you !

Hi @claudiaz, here is my third entry to the contest:

The imp with his girls

Thank you for creating this contest!

thanks so much really nice

thanks for the entry in the contest

thanks for the lovely photo, and you are very welcome

Hello @claudiaz! Is there any reputation minimum to enter this contest?

no not at all, but make sure that you join the latest one: -

Yes, I have realised this was not the last one. I had a few good ones for it, though.

well maybe we will repeat it sometime, it was very popular!

no not at all, please go ahead

Well, I guess I was wrong about the level of enthusiasm my wife would show over the weekend, so I was left to my own is my entry. Thank you @claudiaz for the opportunity!

very nice thank you

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I've just discovered the "Fun Photo Contest" thanks to @jayclar30. Following your blog @claudiaz and looking forward to more photographs, more fun, and more connections with photographers. Thanks for hosting!

you are very welcome, we have a lot of fun, its a very nice community.

this photo contest has a theme, please read the post carefully before submitting your photos. Thanks

thank you entering and I love your cute photo

Here I leave my first entry. Hope you like..Friend @claudiaz here I leave my first entry to the contest. I hope you like it. Regards...

Hola @claudiaz esta es mi segunda entrada para el concurso: Listas para el Mis Venezuela!!!!

muy lindo, muchas gracias