Beyond Orange

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I was wandering in search of spring wildflowers when I discovered these remarkable high desert rock formations, beyond the orange. This place is certainly Geologic food for thought, and could be a lot of fun to visit!

beyond orange 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 4-17-2019 in the Verde Valley south of Sedona Arizona USA.


What a great view

Quite a beautiful and interesting view! Those are some pretty flowers and those mounds are neat looking too. They look like they have holes in them like the previous weird rocks you posted I wonder if there's a connection there? Neat shot! Has a lot of personality to it. :)

The connection is these are in the same area, so lots of unusual going on here, pretty neat!

What are the small hillocks?

The elements have washed away the surroundings, this is whats left.

That orange of the flowers is spectacular. It's so vibrant. Really cool. These structures must be the ant hills that you mentioned a few photographs back. It's like an ant metropolis. Or maybe they are termites?

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The flowers were backlit and vibrant like you say. large red fire ants can make some big mounds but nothing like this. The termites here don't mound are subterranean and live almost everywhere there is soil in the desert. This is the spot I mentioned and erosion is the cause.

Probably ants living there haha.

By the way I have an Arizona license plate in my home

Couple of days ago I bought Montana one as well. Sending them to Estonia from US is kind of expensive tho :D

Watch out for the fire ant's they bite and leave welts. Part of the harsh desert! Hey' nice choice on the license plate.

I tought about ants aswell. 🙂

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Those are strange formations in the rocks. Looks like a tiny village for tiny people. The orange flowers are really pretty. Cool shot overall.

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I like it, how about the flinstones? Thank you!

i like your photography my dear friend

That's nice to hear my friend, thanks!

What a beautiful scenery! Your photographic magic always impress us.

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Thanks and have a good day!

Sir, your photography is really beautiful.