Rain So Close

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Seasonal colors are at their peak. This beautiful scene shows a dramatic break in the clouds lighting up a nearby rainstorm. The rain is so close, falling just short of color drenched fields of wildflowers, growing amidst wonderful red rock mountains.

rain so close 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on 5-10-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA. And is being entered in @czechglobalhosts 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #90.


Hi @irvinesimages,I look at your work and I see myself walking through this place so clean and beautiful, likewise I look at the sky and I think that something so divine must be inhabited by beings that radiate their light to others.

Hi Martha, what a beautiful spiritual statement. Those beings live here in other dimensions. Sedona was a sacred place to prehistoric Indians that once lived here. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

Great photography my dear friend

Thanks to a flower lover.

That's a nice shot. The purplish pink colors in the wild flowers are also reflected in the clouds. It's a beautiful image

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Hey' thanks, Paul got a nice shot of this as well. It was a very enjoyable experience, nature puts on a great show!

Great photo @irvinesimages and amazingly beautiful landscape!

That's wonderful, thanks serkagan.

Cool. Love the image

More of natures art, thank you.

Wow! Amazing shot. The field color and cloudy sky are looking so beautiful. Great photography my friend.

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It's a dreamy, fantasy world at times. Thanks for the nice compliment my friend.

Very nice! Quite dramatic and surreal looking, feels kind of dreamy. Great colors and subject matter. The virga/clouds are awesome. I think you won the contest also? Congrats if so!

That sounds perfect, my thoughts. thanks!

This nature is a gift form the rain.

Your right that's what led up to this amazing gift. Lots of winter and spring moisture.