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Strange and unusual, this formation is different than anything I have ever seen. I don't know how to explain it other than to call it a weird form of erosion. Maybe it's some type of clay?
Some of the holes look like the eyes of ghoulish faces, weird!

weird 8x12.jpg

Shot on 4-17-2019 south of Sedona Arizona USA.


This is a very peculiar looking formation, but also quite oddly pleasing to look at. Good shot, @irvinesimages.

Well said, thanks!

I thought they looked kinda like faces too! Weird indeed. I wonder if they were created by some kind of animals? Whatever the case it's always pretty cool to find unusual things like that! Neat capture.

Not made by animals. It's nice like you say to find something unusual, and fun to photograph.

Hi @irvinesimages,you see something macabre, apologize but I only see rock formations and a desolate place.

Hi Martha, I will be the first to admit that I see things that others don't, but that might be a good thing. Thank you!

these are not animal-made holes? Maybe not... the shapes and sizes are too random. You live in a beautiful place, I hope to visit Arizona again soon!

Your right not made by animals, just natures elements. Yes it's quite beautiful here with many attributes. Thanks!

very nice photography my dear friend @irvinesimages

Thanks momoriso!

Very interesting. Are those prickly pears around it? Trying to get an idea of its size.

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Good eye, your right. I'm guessing the face of the hill to be about 25 feet up. Thanks for checking it out.

That is very strange. I thought it was an ant hill or termite mound. I'm surprised if it's actually a natural phenomenon produced by erosion. Very weird.

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Funny you said that, the picture of the big ant hills form that place is coming soon. Thanks leaky!

Great photo @irvinesimages and you're right, this is an amazing relief!

I'm glad you like it, thanks!

The image looks like the surface of the moon.

That sounds about right.