Welcome Spring

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A brief rainstorm was passing over the area when out comes the sun. Giving us a nice springtime rainbow over red rock country.

table top rainbow 8x12.jpg

This image was captured on Thursday 4-25-2019 in Sedona Arizona USA.


It's about time...

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I guess your ready for spring and summer.

That's pretty. You can see a little bit of the double rainbow in there as well. Goes nice with those clouds and blue sky and tabletop mountain as well. Cool shot!

That wasn't the main event but still nice, thanks Paul!

Hi @irvinesimages, very , very cute .

Hi Martha, cute is very much fitting. Blessings to you.

very nice photography and great colors

I'm glad you like the colors, thanks.

Wow such sweet pictures!! Love this Rainbow!

Thanks for the nice compliment!

We Also Welcoming Spring.There is a lot of time to wait for this moment.

Yes it's true, we wait a year for this special time of rejuvenation.

Welcome Spring. An amazing rainbow scenery. Your photographic magic always impress us.

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Nice compliment again, thanks!