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While photographing a couple here in Toulouse, as the sun was setting over the Garonne, saw an opportunity of taking a silhouette photo, not only did we have the Garonne for a background, we also had the iconic "La Grave" dome in the back.

Here we got a chance of catching sunset colors but I couldn't help myself from creating a BW version.

What do you guys think of the colors and silhouettes? Do you prefer the color photo or BW?

[Click Here to Enlarge Photo]

BW version.
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Fujifilm X-T10 | LR

Our introduction post:


I prefer the colour photo. That soft orange is so nice!

Thank you! And it is real, the sunsets here in the summer are amazing!

The color photo is awesome!

You should see the colors of the sunset here in Toulouse, they are normally amazing!

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