They Only Look At Your Title And Picture. Don't Sweat It.

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As I navigate my way through this Steemit thing and try to increase my followers, upvoters & cater my content towards those that look at my work....I've noticed all the spam. Who hasn't? And I've also come to realize that most people are probably just reading your title and blindly giving you an upvote if it appeals to them in some way. I've done it. And I've certainly noticed enough random one off votes never to see them again. There's certainly a lot of questionable content that is gaining a good amount of Steem with each post. I'm complaining, yes. It just seems like it is what it is.


All of us content creators are pouring a good amount of effort into our work and I'm kind of getting the sense that I'd be better off posting random spam pictures of butts than crafting well thought out posts. :) I'm not actually going to do that, I'm just taking the piss. Everyone likes butts right?


That being said, if these photographs appeal to you and you missed my last travel video posts on the Hveravellir Nature Reserve in Iceland you can check that out here. HVERAVELLIR NATURE RESERVE TRAVEL TIPS

It's a beautiful and secluded spot in the center of Iceland, which you can reach from 1, The Ring Road, connecting from either the north or the south.

Despite my cynicism & complaints. I'm gonna keep grinding away because I think Steemit is cool. But damn is it annoying to see people steal and post a random quote or picture of a celebrity and get 50 bucks from it. RANT OVER.

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Upvote, Follow & Resteem. All that good stuff. Thanks.


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Sometimes you get water in my eyes ... I miss you so much ... And when I remember the favorite moments you spent with me, then I started to laugh at the tears of wet eyes. 'I miss u ' good post brother....

Rant is cool and I agree....but whatevs. Blockchain might survive longer than my journals. And I hate keeping junk for my kids to sift through when I die. So Steemit rocks. And the community is nice. I want to go to the second photo location and jog. It looks soothing. Ah, no BUTTS! I find that most of them are too big, mishapen, wrinkly, in the wrong pants or out of context 😝😜

hahahahahah nice. slaps knee at 'wrinkly'. It was cold as hell there but yes, very soothing.

I think you’re from FL—the first wrinkly arse I ever saw was at Disney World. A water park. Mid December. I was twelve and completely mortified. You should seek out That1Guy on YouTube - the Butt song. Juvenile but creative. I heard that one at Wakarusa a decade ago...LOL