Sunrise over Coyhaique Chile

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On this chilly July morning a few years ago, I climbed up to a nearby vantage point where I could look out across the landscape. It was still dark when I arrived, and the light had barely begun to peak over the horizon. However, as the sun eventually peaked over the mountain tops it illuminated the smoke from the thousands of wood fires burning in people's homes on this sleepy morning.

I also posted this photo as an entry in @czechglobalhosts - 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge in the South American category. I also posted a version of this photo on my Flickr a while back, but I'm a little sheepish about linking to it because it shows how much my editing style has changed since then. Hopefully it's changed for the better.

Thanks for the love!

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Great photo, very atmospheric. Looks like your editing skills have improved a lot. That's something I need to work on, I love taking photos but don't enjoy the editing.

Thanks! The biggest changes I've made have been to use more HSL sliders and less tone curve adjustments. Also, I've backed down on the clarity slider and not been afraid of a little more saturation. But who knows, maybe it's just my pendulum swinging! :)

Awesome shot! I'm curious, what was the elevation around there?

It's pretty low. Coyhaique is at 990 feet.

Chile is on the vacation list can't wait to go. how do you like chile?

I really like it! It is so much more rugged than what I'm used to here in the United States. Lots of open wild areas.

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I live this lightning on the mountains, this colours.
Beautifull photo! ;)

Oh wow, amazing sunrise ;)

Thank you! I remember it clearly, sometimes the conditions are just right!

Wow dude this is magnificent!

Epic Shot! Resteemed!

Sweet! Thanks guys.

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I show your posts and they are amazing but the best part of your profile are the pictures of your posts! Congratulations keep going!

Thanks! Photos are the main thing for me! I love photography and have been doing it for more than a decade.

Amazing shot. The color of the sky, the mist over the city and he diagonal composition make this shot. Edited with Lightroom?

The mist is actually wood smoke from the thousands of wood stoves used for heat in the city. Gas or electric heat is not as common as wood, and as a result there is a lot of localized air pollution in the winter.

Pure fire! Loving the warmth :)

I like the mood :)

The view was spectacular! Thank you!

Outstanding photo, truly magnificent!

Wow some epic colour mate.

Thanks! I appreciate it Robert.

A good thing of living in South America is that I have these beautiful places around! Thanks for sharing!

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