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Heya Quarantiners! Have you stopped to think about the collateral effects of being locked inside?

After cycling 3.000 km from Poland, I had just entered the UK on that cold and absolutely humid January. Despite the winter conditions in Europe, the bicycle trip had been a blast and a roller coaster of emotions, where I had freely slept in all sorts of weird places, such as farm fields, under bridges, bus stops, hostels, couches, on the forest, on valleys, near rivers, by the shore and especially under the freezing snow. The image I have from that trip was of a happy Europe, full of life and Christmas vibes, of people getting together and enjoying themselves outside.

Fast forward two years, to our current moment, I'm sitting at home and taking a break from the heavy economy studies I've been burried in since last year, when I came back home from that adventure in Europe. I'm also editing some old photos, that's where the motivation for this post comes from. I remember how everyone could enjoy their freedom without fearing for their life and most importantly, without fearing of breaking the law.

A cycling photo, because cycling represents freedom

Photo taken by me in the UK

After studying so much, without seeing my friends nor leaving my home much, I decided to go back into cycling last January. It felt great once again being able to freely camp and explore on the simplest way as possible, with only a tent and other essentials. I was also regaining confidence to post travel stories and feeling motivated to work on my book. It didn't take long though, for the Coronavirus to hit the world and everything to change.

As much as I try to think positively, that this lockdown is providing me with more time to write and develop new skills, it also gives me time to think on the collateral effects that will come once we are allowed to go outside. Will there be depressed people in need of help? Will there be people with panic attacks?

How are people going to behave? Will there be changes?

The answers I don't have, time will tell. What I fear is about what law enforcements those in power might put upon us, however, I'd like to leave the questioning for those who might come to read this post and enjoy the photography here presented.

Post on the comments your opinion on how our society will be affected after the Coronavirus quarentine. Will there be collateral damage? How's the quarentine affecting you? How will it change your life?

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~Love ya all

Disclaimer: The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking and more than 3.000 km cycling. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.


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