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RE: Photographing the Solar Eclipse and the International Space Station

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@derekkind This was an awesome post! You described the experience so perfectly. You're right, it was a curiously emotional experience and I couldn't pinpoint exactly why. I felt very blessed to be able to witness totality at first landfall in Lincoln City, Oregon. Here are some photos I was able to capture of that epic moment. I wish I would've gotten the diamond ring photo, I was just so stunned and in awe to think of it!

Drone shot just before totality over Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon.


Niiice! Thanks for sharing. I wanted to do a drone, but as you can see I was already pushing the amount of things I could manage. ;)

What lens were you using? It's cool that you able to get earthshine there! :)

@derekkind Thank you so much! I completely get it about doing anything extra. I debated just watching the eclipse and not taking any photos just to be in the moment, but wanted something to look back on. The time lapse you did was so awesome and your gear is impressive to say the least. I used the Vivitar telescopic lens on my Nikon D7200. It was the first time I've done anything like that, so I was thrilled the photos turned out okay.

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