Extreme balance

in #photofeedlast year

How do you cope with being locked inside due to this pandemic?
I started by catching up with all my favorite TV shows....that took me about 2 days :))
Yesterday I started looking through the house for items that I could use to shoot some still life photos.
I remembered I saw some time ago a picture of some forks and an egg, it seemed a good idea to try it.

The egg in that picture was blank and I didn't like the looks of it so, I asked my girlfriend who is a painter to paint a scared look on the egg, to give it a bit of personality. :)


After the egg was painted I needed a piece of glass to put under the whole thing so I can get some reflexions. I used a piece of glass from a photo frame.
As for the setup, I used my Canon 6D paired with a 50 mm f1.8, one speedlight a big piece of foam and two sheets of white paper to fill the shadows.
I positioned the flash to camera left and bounced it of the big piece of foam.
This is how my setup looked like :)

Bonus shot from yesterday.

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