Reckoning in the Bronx | How to creatively use eggs, a TV, a baking pan and some wax to tell a story

in #photofeedlast year (edited)

Day....whatever since we're in isolation. We got out a little today to enjoy the warm weather. A day like this makes you appreciate little things in life, like...freedom :)
Anyway, after we got back I had a little idea running through my head ever since I took the other photo that involves an egg :)
I imagined a scene where an egg was peacefully walking down a dark alley when suddenly a group of thugs surrounds him (episode 1 of 3) :)


Since we're stuck inside the house I had to use what I have so....I got 5 eggs and asked my girlfriend to paint different faces on them. Then I needed a background and a surface to place the eggs on so as a background I used the TV.
I searched for an image of a dark alley and I made that image full screen so it would fill the entire TV screen. That raised another problem...moire.
In this case moire appeared due to the different frequencies of light and to solve that problem I played with the shutter speed until I found the right combination to minimize that effect.
As a surface I used an inverted backing pan that was placed on some books to get the perspective just right.


Since the eggs don't sit upright on their own, I used some hot wax to make them stay as I wanted.
Now, after everything was in place I had a single problem to take care
Since my flash is out of juice, I used the next best thing...our phone's flashlight.
I placed one phone camera left, behind the eggs to separate them a little from the background and to add a little rim light and the other phone above the camera, tilted down.
Processing wise, I cropped the image, cooled the image down a little, added some blue to the shadows, removed overall saturation, added some fake snow for the atmosphere and I did some cloning, masking and some local adjustments.


good job! enjoyed the result -- with its mood and the colour...

ps. for the same purpose (fixing eggs) I use to use plasticine.

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