I'm going to give this a try! Love the outcome. Thanks for this Raoul.

Yeah, you really should! Can't wait to see what you get! Thanks again @gabyoraa !

I would like to learn how to work in Photoshop, I can't wait to see other tutorials. :D

Hey @allesia, glad you found it useful. I'll post some more tutorials along the way :)

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Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial.

You're welcome! Hope you'll find it usefull :)

Really great tutorial ;)

Thanks so much! :)

These shots look really good! Thanks for including the process too :)

Thanks so much @kierastone, yeah it was a too easy of a process not to share it with the world :)

Always wondered how to do this! :)
Thanks mate much appreciated!

Glad I could help :)

Nice tutorial about creating those stunning images. Thing I'm missing what kind of images does this work at its best?

The best images to use are those that are not very crowded with elements and where you have a good portion of sky or empty space

Your tutorial make me easy to make something.. Gret idea..

Felicitări pentru edit și rezultatul postării! A well deserved one! :D

Multumesc tare mult Gabriela! :)

This was actually cool. Having a custom splash screen is something I have never thought of although I see the default splash 20 times a day :D
Well done and well rewarded for the time you cloned and undo'ed and cloned and undo'ed :D

Thanks so much! Yeah, I really liked that splash screen so I thought why not make my own :) About the should see the first few times I tried to achieve this result..oh boy :)))

I am very inspired with your post, I only use coreldraw application and I will try to learn photoshop that you share. Thank you friend

Nice. Its a cool concept. Looks like a worm hole into another world.

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Followed :) Thanks so much!

"Chestia" asta e bestiala ! E a 3-a oara cand intru pe postul tau si ma "holbez" literalmente 😂