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RE: Photographing the Solar Eclipse and the International Space Station

in #photofeed4 years ago

Oh my goodness. I have to say, that first image is honestly one of my favorite images of all time. FANTASTIC work! You certainly put in the time and effort, and I have no doubt it payed off. Also, Smarter Every Day is one of my favorite YouTube channels.


It's a great channel, eh? I could watch that all day. Thank you, I'm glad you like that first image - I put it together last night and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. :)

Very educational! That's too bad you didn't run into him. You're making me regret staying in Alaska during the eclipse! I hope I can witness the full thing one day.

It's sweeping across North American again in 2024, if you want to head towards the eastern part of the continent. :)

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