Let There Be Light -- INDONESIA

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It was 5.45AM and I was thanking all the Old Gods and the New for letting the sun come out to give us some overdue warmth.

After all, we had been waiting for over 2 hours to watch the night turn day.

Mt Bromo is known for its beautiful sunrises and we weren't going to leave without witnessing one.

From the moment we spotted the first sun ray peek from behind the mountains, the scenery in front of us began to transform itself in so many wonderful ways, it was hard to capture them all. I barely had the time to enjoy the entire metamorphosis with my own naked eyes! The sun was up and bright in no time.

This is probably one of my favourite shots from that morning:


Shot with my SONY A7ii

Can you spot the Indonesian flag down at the village?

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beautiful landscape shot, i like the composition and contrast, I guess waking up early for the shot paid off

Thank you! Definitely. It was worth the big effort. I made up for the lost hours of beauty sleep the night after haha

It's beautiful, and it looks like some kind of model, unrealistic. Probably because of the trees, but simply beautiful

Thank you!! It did look rather surreal. I was stunned by this view. The early morning light simply made it 10x more interesting.

Some things are best enjoyed by the naked eye. However, beautiful photos such as yours are worth sharing since not all can experience what you have had :)

Just by looking at the picture, this could be anywhere else but the flag gave it away.

Thank you for the kind words! Really means a lot. After all, that's exactly what I strive to achieve with my photography: inspire others to travel or at least try my best to show them the beauty that's out there, that sometimes may be hard to even imagine. So again, thank you! :)

One step at a time (one country at a time) my friend and you'll definitely get there.

Indeed. Same for you! :)

This world is a big place and I've got a whole life ahead of me still.

Wow bel posto! 😃 d'effetto anche la zona d'ombra in contrasto con il prato soleggiato

Grazie mille! Mi ci sono voluti un po' di scatti per ottenere uno soddisfacente. La luce cambiava costantemente, è stata una bella sfida :)

Ne sono sicuro, ma quando uno scatto te lo sudi, poi hai più soddiSfazione! ☺️

Esatto! Quindi la mia soddisfazione con questo scatto è moderatamente grande :) grazie ancora!

Complimenti per il terzo posto! :)

Awesome! Grazie!! :)

very impressive picture!! Loved it. nature is amazing

Thank you! Mother Nature is indeed amazing. She's a real beauty :)

Many people who want to go to Mount Bromo but not yet fulfilled. You are very lucky people who can watch the morning sun rise perfectly.
The beauty of Indonesia no doubt. Nice @voyagesofcarla2

Thanks! Yes, I was very lucky to get the chance to travel there and see such a beautiful sunrise. I hope you get to go too if you haven't yet!

Yes, that is one of my goals that has not been achieved.
You are great @voyagesofcarla2

Well, I wish you the best with that trip. I'm sure one day you'll make it there :)

Amen ..
May you continue to be lucky. You are a good friend @voyagesofcarla2

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nice post

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beautiful scenery.
fotografi cool 👍
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Nice scenery. It's worth to wake up early !

Totally! I love my sleep, but experiences of this kind are much more rewarding than weird dreams could ever be. Worth the 5+ snoozes lol

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