Which is your favourite color?

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Green color

As i mentioned in my previous post, lately i have been photographing mostly waterfalls because of bad weather. This one is from place called Hell aswell just like previous photo. I Found 5 waterfalls on this location, such a good location to photograph when landscape is all cloudy and grey from bad weather. Everytime i notice this green contrast i have to photograph it, even though i didn't find any interesting composition around this waterfall i still think this green color makes photo interesting. But that might be just for my eyes because green is my favourite color ! Which color do you prefer?


Shutter speed0.5
CameraSony A6000
LensSony E mount 16-50mm kit lens

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It couldn't have looked any better. This is nature at its best. Lovely pics.

Thank you so much !

Beautyful shoot! Amzaing colours, angle and water efect is amazing. Great work.

This is an awesome photo! Killin it dude! Green is my favorite color too

Thank you so much ! And awesome !!

Nice shot. I don't have a favorite colour!

thanks !:)

Wow! I feel like I need to work on my long exposure photos now :)

you get better with every photo :)

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Well my favorite color is midnight purple but in this case, green is the best color for this place.

awesome ! I always like to add a bit of purple to my photos :)

I get why you love green - it's fresh....and add a water feature and it's perfection.

I'm attracted to yellow hues....same thing. I just have to look at it, buy it, or take a picture of something that has hues from amber to even copper.

Lovely shot of Hell :)

Everyone's eyes are different and that's why i like to watch other people's work aswell :)

thanks !

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Nice capture!! I like how you processed the shot ;)

thank you !!

I like a nice dark blue

like your jacket on you profile picture :)

Woah Hi5.
Green is my favorite color too:D

awesome ! :D Then you might like this picture :D

super cool ! This is a photo for you then :)

This photo impresses @weberh8, i love it.
Thumbs up!!!

thank you ! Glad you stopped on my blog :)

Wow, amazing shot. my favorite color is white.

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