I Shoot the Moon

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The summer days are gone too soon
You shoot the moon
And miss completely
And now you're left to face the gloom 

by Norah Jones

I shoot the moon with my 55-200mm telephoto lens and tripod. This is my first try ever and I didn't face the gloom, actually, I learned so much from this try. I didn't realize how fast the Moon is. I had to move my camera directions between shoots, it goes easily off the center. I shoot this in January and head this song from Norah, so here comes my post.
Norah, I shoot the Moon too, it is not just you!

Moon by zorang

Categorylandscape photography
SettingsISO 100 200mm f/20 1 sec
CameraNikon D7100
LensNikon AF-S 55-200mm VR f/4-5.6 G ED
LocationPlanet Earth

Until next time, Rock on!


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Odlična fotka...bravo.

Hvala ti, pozz!

Good job my friends

Thanks dude! :)

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