Getting Ready For Spring... Drop A Spring Photo In the Comments

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I'm ready for Spring, I know it's a bit early to wish for it, but we've had a few nice days here and the sun is shining for more hours each day.

This post is to get everyone distracted from Covid and politics.

Drop a Spring/Summer photo here that makes you happy and I'll give it a good upvote sometime through the week!

Be Happy, don't sweat what you can't control.

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The first signs of spring we get around here comes when the camellia bush by our front steps starts flowering... it's a little too early, yet, but not long now... maybe a month?


That's a nice idea. Here's a picture of pink corydalis I took in april last year. It always is in flower around my grandma's birthday. For me, it's one of the signs that spring finally has come.


Here's one from my garden; a bean from last years string bean vine that fell into the soil and now coming back from out of it's long winter sleep to help feed me throughout summer :>)

I have the best day on Aceh because my spring I can get the macrophotography
Hopefully you like it @adsup


This is my drop spring photo on Aceh forest.
Best regrad

This my spring photo in Sumatera Island, hope you like it @adsup

It's beautiful

Well, here in Sri Lanka we don't experience seasonal changes. It is ☔ and 🌞 . In December and January it is cold in the morning. Again 🌞 in the day time. ☔ in the evening these days.

When you guys sharing snow photos I enjoyed them alot because I haven't seen snow for real. I loved snow and christmas lights.

Let me show normal whether in my district. Usually our whether is different based on areas due to geopolitical characteristics.

I took them yesterday, the first one while driving and second one infront of a lake. Eventhough the sky is without clouds it wasn't too sunny.
Sea and Sky

A lake

Thank you!

In fact, this is a situation that we now live in a secluded place, so we are trying to develop ourselves through this community
In order to save important things, including some money to help people and help ourselves in the countries or society
Unfortunately, it does not care for the undeveloped areas

very extraordinary post ,, good luck always @adsup

I love photography 💗

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