It really does not seem real, I congratulate you for making that real picture look unreal ...

Estas canciones me recuerdan tanto a mi madre.

This one stumped me for a while... so thank you for the challenge!!
"Natural Woman" by Kate Ceberano.

Hmn, that video isn't working.

It is for me... anyone else?

It says it's not available. Probably just doesn't work for Canadians!

Well there's no fun in that!
Can you see this one? It's not as good as the version I like but it's the best I can find musicality wise.

The second video is working! Listening to it right now. Thanks for commenting!!!!

Oh that's good, shame you couldn't listen to the first one... it was more appropriate. I didn't realise not everyone can watch everything.

Kate Ceberano is an Australian artist, I can't understand why she'd not share her music with the world.

Thanks :)
Happy to play along... this is fun!

Me too. And the crown is gorgeous

When I saw this i for sure had in my mind a lyrical female singer... perhaps a more moody yet hip one.

But the pictures is a bit more edgy and moody like I said. Very feminine but edgy as well. So that brings us to Lana Del Rey of course.

I listened to a few and this is the best one for the image:

You nailed it with " the picture is a bit more edgy and moody" This was my favorite from the photostars.

So you're saying i get the point!!?

I would say the Scherzo from Mendelssohn Midsummer Nights Dream

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Sounds interesting, I’m gonna have to check out the intro post

That's a great picture Gaby. At some point it looks like if she were coming from the air. Also, another one plus bizarre, like if She were jumping between trees maybe she is like a vampire from twilight?

I am sorry if this is my choice...but really, this is the first song I've remembered after watching the photo...Well, more than a song this is just a piece of one whole song.



Interesting choice, everyone was going towards the "princess" side of the photo.

Ha ha ha ha. You made me laugh! Thanks for commenting.

Excited to have you as a @photogames guest star this week!!

K time to go listen to some music... i certainly know what kinds of artists I'll be aiming for. But it's a secret for now. ;)

Can't wait it!!!!

Wild Things by Alessia Cara was the first thing I thought of. Not really the sort of music I normally listen to, but gonna listen to my heart on this one!

I think I had never heard of Alessia Cara, I like the title of the song. I'll have to look it up on youtube. The good thing is that now I have a whole soundtrack for today's work!

Haha sounds good! :)

Thanks for being a guest star this week, @gabyoraa!

How about "Both Sides Now", this version sung by Hayley Westenra from New Zealand (I've seen her in concert a couple of times)?

What an angelical voice, beautiful version. So smooth and sweet. Nice choice derek!

Yes, I'm a big fan, have listened to her for years since seeing her perform at a Lord of the Rings concert in my hometown. We met her backstage, too, along with Howard Shore (the LotR movie soundtrack composer), and she was super nice!

I' am excited @gabyoraa, here is my video, I hope it reflects what I feel when I see that woman

Esta canción crea un ambiente mágico y sublime. Hermosa elección Carolina. Gracias por comentar en inglés!

Nice photo @gabyoraa! Alright, I've got one for you, Mark Knopfler - Storybook Love (The Princess Bride Theme Song)

Beautiful song scott. It sounds familiar but I don't remember from where. Still listening to it.

It's from the movie: The Princess Bride. One of my favorite movies when I was a kid. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend checking it out some time. More info about the movie:

I've never seen the movie! I'm definitely checking out. I might watch it tomorrow with my kid.

Y'know, if you want. It's pretty great.


How is it that I am just seeing this?! I've had no time!!!!!!! Maybe I should make a post afterwards about the movie ha ha ha.

Cool! Let us know what you think if you do watch it.

Do you guys know where I can see it online?

Looks like the full version is here: But I'm not sure about the full screen quality...

A bit dark, but I think it suits the atmosphere :)

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds/Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow

Kylie Minogue, I love her. It sure does suit the atmosphere of the forest in the photo. Excellent choice!

I love this song!!!!!!! Just to know. Was it the pink dress that made you think of this song?

I think the visuals from the video made me think of this track. Also, the fact that first time I discovered it, it stuck with me for weeks and if it has the same effect on you I might win

Good strategy!

...and it's stuck in my head again :))

Congrats @vmoldo, your strategy worked out. You got the song stuck on my head. Almost everyone posted subtle and soft songs, I guess because of the pink dress, but as @jarvie stated: " the picture is a bit more edgy and moody" So this is why I felt your song suited it the best.

Hehe visuals + catchy tune= win in this game im sure. Glad you liked the track

That video was deceptively difficult to shoot...

Mike Oldfield - To France

Well this is lovely. It transported me to somewhere else. Maybe to france?

Felicidades more. todo tu trabajo es hermoso

Puedes participar sabes? Te traduzco y resumo el post...

Me invitaron a ser juez de un concurso de fotografía. El concurso va por partes, el de este lunes es sobre música. En esta primera parte solo debes de compartir una canción en los comentarios que sientas esté acorde a la foto que acabo de postear. La canción que más me guste se gana un SDB. Así que espero tu respuesta!

How about "True Love's Kiss" from the movie Enchanted?

That movie was a charm! You just made me want to watch it again.

One of my favorite movies!

This is definitely a photo for an Enya song.
Only Time - Enya

You can never get it wrong with Enya

Great shot, it seems just out of a tale. My song is "Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream"

Oh my, you just found my Achilles heel. Lana del Rey & Maleficent. This is going to be hard.

Loreena McKennitt - The Bonny Swans

Hey! Thanks for participating. Lovely song.

This seems a shot destined for some Enya. So, here is my submission!

Oh more Enya.... I think I didn't know this song. It's the first time I hear it.

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Oh wow, thanks!

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