Beautiful Bangladesh #4

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Friends, today I will share some of the things with you about Bandarban City, one of the most beautiful cities of Bangladesh.

image[source]( Bandarban + Travel + Area & source = lnms & tbm = isch & sa = X & biw = 320 & bih = 488 & tbs = isz: l & ved = 0ahUKEwiv_On4u7PbAhUOXysKHeLUDskQlJcCCBkoAg # imgrc = QMEOEYzNT8uM1M :)

Bandarban city:

Bandarban District is an administrative division of the Chittagong Division located in southeast of Bangladesh. This is a hill district.

The biggest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh is located in Balaghata, about 4 kilometers away from Bandarban city. It is entirely made in imitation of the temples of South-West Asia and here is the second largest Buddhist statue of Bangladesh. Locally, it is "Buddha metal jadi". There are many downtown areas in the city of Bandarban. Among them, Meghalaya Safari Park, Buddhist Temple, Shail Prapat, Nilgiri, Nilachal etc. Besides, a boat ride in the Sangu river, a pleasant experience for touring pilgrims. A fascinating mountainous fountain of ridge falls 8 kilometers away from the city of Bandarban.

image[source]( Bandarban + Travel + Area & source = lnms & tbm = isch & sa = X & biw = 320 & bih = 488 & tbs = isz: l & ved = 0ahUKEwiv_On4u7PbAhUOysysKHeLUDskQlJcCCBkoAg # imgdii = 1zWXI-2MiE8k1M: & imgrc = W2o2DUEFiJOjcM: )

Besides, the highest mountain in Bangladesh is the Tajdingong and the largest mountain range of Kekrudong is located in Bandarban district. The crowd gathered in the mountains to climb to these two mountain ranges. Tourists usually walk to Baga Lake and go to Kekrudong. There are many who came back from the lagak lake without going to Kaikradong. This lake is also a special tourist spot. The Left tribes live in the adjacent areas. Surrounded by beauty, this city is slightly ahead from other cities.


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