Lovely summer weather in Fredrikstad

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Regards @xpilar

very very beautifuls

you have shown us all
Lovely summer weather in Fredrikstad @xpilar
winter that has passed

must be enjoying the beauty with your family
I am very happy to watch it

there is one more that I see there
bridges that are in the video
very beautiful views from a distance

Regards @ sultan-aceh

Yes, we enjoy the good weather
and the bridge is a beautiful sight both from land and sea

Today the rain came, but it is good because we need the rain after so many days of sun and drought.

thank so much @xpilar

will be fun and always remember it

regards @sultan-aceh

Finally it is summer, this time we all in Europe have had a tough winter with snowstorms and now we have hot and early summer. Thank you for sneaky pick inside of daily life at side side in Fredrikstad.

Do you also have a sailboat, it seems like almost everyone has , it must be enjoyable to be out and may be you can just travel use water instead of car and road.

I can recognize the bridge too, seems like I was there, Cheers @Stef1

No, no boat now.
But hope that I will soon get an opportunity to buy a boat again.

hehe, you recognize the bridge

Awesome environment Snr. @xpilar this video reminds of wolve and Ireland in Lagos when big ships sail on and off.. we usually went to relax and enjoy cool breeze during weekends, Its really a nice experience.. thx for share.

Nice that you like it, thanks @davidad

You are welcome

oh, you went out finally ^ ^
sunshine ^ ^ !

hehe, yes absolutely beautiful

beautiful and very natural nature video my [email protected] very like adventure and explore nature and forest.success always for you friend.

thanks @pengenkaya

beautiful scenery that is on up through this vidio and this is norway.

thanks @alfan13

Hello mr @xpilar beautiful natural charm that you post through the vidio of the fredrikstad, and it is clearly very quiet feeling there according to the splash of water that waves beautiful when speed bord through the river good norway and good @xpilar.

Nice that you like it @abag

wow..beautiful and very natural nature video.. i like this..
so i just #Resteem "and" #Upvote
dear @xpilar "and" dear @sultan-aceh

wow beautiful weather in norway
i thought there may be winter
by the way nice place enjoy

thanks @sheikhiqra

wooww ,, cool ,, the sea is very beautiful ,, the boat is also much ,,, hopefully more tourism there

Nice to hear @ipoelkip

wow, a very beautiful place, very nice to visit there.

thanks @storner

@xpilar if the weather is like this many people who want it especially on holidays, some people spend time with family with his girlfriend or the other. beautiful photo

thanks @abrarleo

Hello my dear friend,I really enjoy from your post. so excited video. I recently joined to steem and saw your posts. i like art, science, adventure and photography. I upvoted and follow you, If you like, please see my posts to support each other because i need to your help for being successful. thanks for sharing useful and beautiful post. have good time.

thanks @timewarp

Summer is the best
and the beach is the best destination :D


videos about the river and the beautiful scenery with @xpilar. interesting place

thanks @suhardi

wow .., this reminds me of a tourist attraction in my area of southwest aceh located on the edge of the beach, while enjoying the dishes we can see a lot of boats pacing back there. thanks for this good video, kind regards from me.

Nice to hear @muftii

thank you.....,
@xpilar do you know if I always call you in my post.
thank you..

Beautiful and very natural this video, we connect in a very impressive way with nature, it is really something very satisfying to see, many hits friend @xpilar

thanks @marianella

I can see the great river anf beoutiful woter un the video. I resteem

Nice to hear, thanks @zulff

Regards @xpilar

This is the best video with nice view and quiet.

thanks @firman2908

so busy at sea, this is a good nature for us to approach

thanks @husana

It looks very wonderful or lovely, I loved the video. Thank you for sharing.

thanks @yosicrespo

Awesome, loved the sea side view :-)

thanks @sanach

beautiful nature ..

The sea is calm and it has a beautiful view. Summer is in the air! Nice video

thanks @scarletsnow

norway is summer, many activitise you can do. enjoy your friendly wheather and season. Sun shine and make your country snow melt and make your rivers flow again. Nice video.

Nice to hear @rokhani

it is a beautiful summer ! excellent video

thanks @ahlawat

Such a nice and a beautiful day to enjoy looks wonderful

Nice to hear @blazing

beautiful and very natural nature video.
regards @storner

thanks @storner

Hawa teuh tajak kenan

thanks @muncilin

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