Leaves "Miana" or "Iler", Beautiful leaves with a thousand benefits

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Miana leaves or commonly called the iler plant has a scientific name (Coleus benth). This plant belongs to the family Lamiaceae, which is a wild plant in the fields or in the gardens as an ornamental plant. Wet trunk that reaches 1 meter high. The leaves are triangular or ovoid shaped with a very varied color, from green to red purple and have a beringgit edge (in this post the author took more than 8 pictures of the difference in leaf color in this plant).

At adult or this plant has flowers that are red or purple or yellow. Chemical compounds contained in miana leaves (Coleus benth) are essential oils, flavonoids, alkaloids, steroids, tannins, and saponins.

Essential oils are odorous substances contained in plants. This oil is also called oil evaporated, etheric oil, essential oil because at room temperature is volatile

Flavonoids are natural phenolic compounds that are potential as antioxidants and have bioactivity as a medicine. The Benevolent Benefits of Cellulose, Protecting Cell Effectiveness, Increasing the Effectiveness of Vitamin C, Inflammation of the Inflammation, Protecting from Bone Damage and As An Antibiotic. ***

Empirically this miana leaves can have pharmacological effects, among others, as an appetite enhancer, antimalarial, blood enhancer, but it can be for the therapy of heart disease. The part used or used is the leaves.

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