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RE: My contract on Celebrity Equinox Cruise From Feb till June 2019 after the Dry Dock

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I really don't want to blow the party, but from an environmental perspective that trip was a real nightmare for mother earth.

Hope you enjoyed it though!


Well I did not enjoyed it so much as I was there to work ...these photos were only the most beautiful selections that I had. In 4 months of work I can say that it was a very hard contract as sometimes I could not rest.
It is true this cruises do have emissions but all of them at at lest the ones from Celebrity are in the process of installing new scrubbers in order to reduce the pollution to the environment.
All technology unfortunately comes with a big cost to us from cars to trains and trains to ships to even power plants and Bitcoin mining facilities.
I was just watching this tv series on HBO few days ago called Cernobîl : a truly terrifying story and unfortunately it affected my country too.
In my opinion we need technology but we need also nature, because without nature, life will cease to exist.

Sorry to hear that you had a hard time working there. I couldn't agree more with you on the fact that we need technology as much as we need nature, but it seems that we have to balance the costs of the both a little bit more in favor of future generations.

I did not want to call you out on anything. I travel myself probably too much in a not nature friendly way.

I do think though that we all need a little reminder sometimes that our lifestyle is more of a privilege than an entitlement,

All the best for your future cynetyc