My contract on Celebrity Equinox Cruise From Feb till June 2019 after the Dry Dock

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Hello Friends!

Here is my short movie with my 4 months contract on board Celebrity Equinox

So my journey starts in February when it was very very cold in Romania...

To be honest I did not feel so good to leave again home but I had too do it because in the end of the day with the good and with the bad it is a job that allows me to eat so...I went and recorded my toughs and experiences there and share them with my family here on steemit :

I wished to write more but alas no time...after work I was very tired


And so I arrive to Celebrity Equinox and start my contract.

There I find out that the vessel will go in dry dock and so I start to read a lot in order to be prepared.
During dry dock many works are being done so we need to be prepared for everything.



I did not have to much time to visit other places outside the vessel but I managed to go out in Key West and Cozumel, Mexico.

Here are some photos from Key West:


Key West was a very beautiful place to visit, as soon that I gone out of the car I saw a parc with many statues...chickens and a many many shops around.







After some time when the dry dock was done I got a free day and so I went outside in Cozumel, Mexico:

Note: Psst ...its a movie ...aah very short one

A beautiful place to visit with many many shops and also a lot of security around witch actually made me feel very good.

I think that in this contract I achieved a lot , I learned many things about the job and I even managed to publish one poem book called : Forgotten Roots

This is an eBook and I am working now on making it a paper version also...and of course many books are coming soon so stay tuned.


Well I hope you enjoyed my short article about my work and places that I travel, until next time I am Cynetyc and I approve this ending!

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Look like you had a great journey

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I had some fun times too on this contract.

Amazing I want to work in a boat!! I really want to!

wow i must to go to this kind of cruise one day , can you get me a good price?

Well to be honest they have many special options and always you can find promotions...maybe one day I can take may parents to one cruise as a gift.

So glad for this update! I remember your not being excited about having to leave your family to work on the ship. To me this sounds like a great job to be able to travel as a perk of the gig. Many thanks for sharing the update.

Best regards.


Yea we do have some beautiful moments too ...when it is possible we can see these places too.

Here's a !tip 1.

I'm trying to send this again.

Best regards.


I really don't want to blow the party, but from an environmental perspective that trip was a real nightmare for mother earth.

Hope you enjoyed it though!

Well I did not enjoyed it so much as I was there to work ...these photos were only the most beautiful selections that I had. In 4 months of work I can say that it was a very hard contract as sometimes I could not rest.
It is true this cruises do have emissions but all of them at at lest the ones from Celebrity are in the process of installing new scrubbers in order to reduce the pollution to the environment.
All technology unfortunately comes with a big cost to us from cars to trains and trains to ships to even power plants and Bitcoin mining facilities.
I was just watching this tv series on HBO few days ago called Cernobîl : a truly terrifying story and unfortunately it affected my country too.
In my opinion we need technology but we need also nature, because without nature, life will cease to exist.

Sorry to hear that you had a hard time working there. I couldn't agree more with you on the fact that we need technology as much as we need nature, but it seems that we have to balance the costs of the both a little bit more in favor of future generations.

I did not want to call you out on anything. I travel myself probably too much in a not nature friendly way.

I do think though that we all need a little reminder sometimes that our lifestyle is more of a privilege than an entitlement,

All the best for your future cynetyc

Hello @cynetyc you have a somewhat interesting job, you travel a lot, of course but without time for you, everything has its pros and cons, thanks for sharing it ...

Hello @cynetyc, it must be incredible to travel to yourself, maybe you do not have time many times for work, but it must be a unique experience...

Of course we get to see many beautiful places .

Welcome back sir @cynetyc after long time later. Really we miss you. But thanks for sharing your enjoyable travelling moments with us. Really I enjoy the beauty of Sea and big Ships.

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Thank you very much @msena!

Hi @cynetyc, finally I saw you, your photos and video look amazing! You visited very interesting places and saw wonderful things, I hope that you will share more photos with us, well done!

I will do my very best and thank you @serkagan!

cred ca e o experienta unica sa lucrezi pe un vas de croaziera de genul asta.

Dap e complet diferit de alte tipuri de nava, este stress, adevarat , dar prin munca si perseverenta ajungi sa apreciezi si sa respecti ceea ce faci.

Great to see you again. Welcome back with amazing photo shots.
Your working cruise so massive. You doing your work much better.

Great to see your journey thanks for sharing it with all of us :D

Thank you very much @blazing, much appreciated!

All done ....welcome back @cynetyc!

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Welcome back.. thanks for sharing this post..
I like it this post..
Good day sir..

Welcome back.. thanks for
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It's nice not just Exceptional! Resteem for your video,,,,,

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Hello @cynetyc, I congratulate you for your simplicity in working in Steemit, to answer, thank and finally say hello to all those who participate in your publication, I hope you keep posting such good material. Thanks for sharing…

That was a good idea @cynetyc, to share the problems and the joys, I imagine how it is the work although I have not worked in boats I have worked in similar places, I compare it by leaving little and sleeping the rest days. Thank you for sharing those places you visited...

Hi @cynetyc, I've heard that working on a boat like this is pretty rough, I imagine how many things you've wanted to show us but the lack of time did not allow it, the photos and videos are great thanks for sharing your experiences...

Nice article happy journey

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